Charles Martin vs. Anthony Joshua- IBF World Championship Title, O2 Arena, April 9th
Awesome Cheers Die
The boxing247 or boxingnews24 article.

That site is a troll site, they try and bait and be nationalistic in order to generate traffic.

A few years ago one of their headlines was about Vitali Klitschko should shave his head bald because he was going grey at the temples and that meant that Chris Areolla was going to destroy him

Another one was that Shannon Briggs was going to KO Vitali with a single punch

then after the fight they blamed the loss on shannon briggs getting an arm injury

Dead serious.
Anyone know when the weigh-in is for this?
Tomorrow morning our time. Check out ifl tv on you tube for the replay.
Correction for the fight on Sunday: NZ has changed the starting time to 5AM, so the main event will start after 7AM NZ time.
(04-08-2016, 01:12 PM)NakiFan Wrote: Tomorrow morning our time. Check out ifl tv on you tube for the replay.

Cheers, I hope the fights a cracker.  I'm not sure if there'll be any surprises with either fighter in the weigh-in, but you never know, maybe Martin comes in a bit trimmer than he has been.
Martin did look lean in the behind the ropes video
Yeah Martin said he would be in the best shape of his life in all his previous fights to date he has looked a bit fleshy but I feel as if he has trimmed down a bit and will be looking spot on at the weigh in. We will find out soon enough. Is anyone putting any Money down on either fighter ? I was thinking a lazy $20 on Martin to win by KO wouldn't be such a bad idea.
I was going t d the same
I don't know much about Martin but like how he comes across - def worth $20 bet
$4.50 for Martin head to head at Tab

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