Charles Martin vs. Anthony Joshua- IBF World Championship Title, O2 Arena, April 9th
The first press conference has been held. The trash talk has begun.

After seeing this, I'm beginning to like "Prince" Charles. He is another character in the HW Division.


Check out 3 min 08 sec 

I've got a feeling Martin might be a bit better than people are expecting
Me too. A strong left hand that AJ is not used to seeing. I rate the fight even.
This is Martins first decent fight, AJ's first southpaw, alot of unknowns in this match up...alot of questions will get answered after this fight.
Going along with the current bone of contention in the Parker thread, I'd thought it was an opportunity to chat about Joshua's progression to a title shot, and why the discussions on his quick rise to where he is aren't mirroring that of Parkers....

He has had less of an amateur background only taking up boxing at age 18 in 2007, whilst Parker born into a boxing mad family started at age 11. His pro career could be considered very similar to Parkers, with similar skilled opponents.

Martin is an unknown, but to be fair probably falls there or thereabouts in terms of where Takam is.

When is it too soon to take your chance? Is a loss on your record the end of the world?, because history has shown that all time great boxers have all had a setback to come back stronger.

I commend these two for taking their opportunity, regardless on the result. The last thing you want to do in life is to have regrets over things that thought you were doing because they felt safe, even though deep down you should have taken the other path.
I believe Joshua will be way too dominant for Martin. His overhand right will find the target often... this wont go more than 5 rounds.

He has know problems fighting southpaws and in his last fight he learned a lot. We wont see an over-aggressive Joshua trying to take this guy out early. This will be a big step up, but totally achievable.

Yep, I see this as a lot of unknowns. Can AJ take a punch? Can he fight a southpaw? Is Martin any good?


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