Junior Fa
Can't see it as a bigger fight than David Tua and Shane Cameron due to the Monte Barrett trilogy between the two...
Too right, Sham. It's just Mr Higgins doing his thang!

Hope your health is good, better, GREAT! Thinking of you...
It not as big as Tua v cameron due to the personalities of the fighters involved - should last longer though
(10-06-2020, 11:06 AM)diehard Wrote: Too right, Sham.  It's just Mr Higgins doing his thang!

Hope your health is good, better, GREAT!  Thinking of you...

Thanks Die, still breathing my mate thankyou 
Good to hear Sham
(11-10-2020, 07:46 PM)bart Wrote: Good to hear Sham

Thanks Bart 
Boxing: Promoter Lou DiBella believes Junior Fa heavyweight contender material, despite Joseph Parker loss

The man guiding the fortunes of Junior Fa is adamant his charge will one day fight for a heavyweight boxing world title.

Fa's become one of the most talked-about fighters in the heavyweight division, despite losing a points decision to fellow Kiwi Joseph Parker.

And after initially questioning if the fight was too much too soon, Fa's promoter Lou DiBella has told Newshub he now believes his charge is a serious contender.

Junior Fa surprised the heavyweight division with his performance on Saturday night.

"I wasn't sure if Junior had it in him to be the kind of fighter that could go the whole way," DiBella tells Newshub.

"When I saw how he rose to the occasion against [Joseph] Parker, now I know I have a heavyweight contender and he'll be treated like that.

And DiBella isn't the only one impressed with how Fa handled the former WBO heavyweight champion.

"I haven't really talked to anybody who hasn't been positive," he says. "Even my fellow promoters and my competitors have told me they were impressed."

And the best is seemingly yet to come.

"At some point, Junior Fa will fight for a heavyweight title," says DiBella. "I 100 percent expect him to be a better fighter in future fights."

DiBella wants Fa back fighting in the US again soon and Newshub understands the 31-year old is on board with that.

He may have lost the decision on the night, but Junior Fa's biggest wins may be yet to come.
Fa has dropped out of the alphabets in the top 15. Bummer. He needs a good fight going forward:

Dempsey McLean is at #12 in WBO and IBF good target if they could get him.
If not then someone just outside #15
Fa raised his profile v JP he needs to build on it sooner rather than later- otherwise he will be forgotten very quickly.
JP managed to organise a big fight straight away - Fa needs to as well

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