Junior Fa
Junior Fa

Born- 19-10-1989 / age 26
Pro Debut- 13-2-2016 (Richard Tutaki)
Division- Heavyweight


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL-RkXUDOYM (Amateur Bout vs William Quarrie)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDFH1JiAdJw (Pro Debut vs Richard Tutaki)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YLdoDu8siY (WSB Bout vs Avery Gibson)
No videos of him beating Parker? 3 times.
I remember the first time Joseph and Junior met was at the NZ Nationals. Grant Arkell had moved Joseph up from the Youth to Elite Super Heavy division. Junior won in a good match up but was physically stronger and more experienced. They met again a few months later for a rematch at the ABA, this time Joseph won by a large margin of 12 points (the old scoring system). As a "neutral" boxing coach I thought it was a very close bout and could of gone Juniors way. Funnily enough both the boys coaches, at the time, are very good friends and we have discussed this bout a few times. I believe that they met once outside NZ where Junior fought for Tonga and Joseph fought for NZ. Junior won with AIBA and not our local judges. I don't recall them fighting each other at any other time as Junior competed in the WSB for a few seasons with mixed results
Thanks Fistic Fury, a much better post than the one above. The videos I posted are the only ones I could find on Youtube, hence the short list.

So at aged 26, why has it taken Junior this long to have his first pro fight? Was he focusing on Commonwealth/Olympic games?

He monstered Tutaki, so it's evident he has heavy hands, but also showed some skill and movement with the Quarrie fight, when he was younger and lighter.
I believe that once Junior fought for Tonga he was then unable to fight at the NZ Nationals. I stand corrected but I think he won a Bronze at the Commonwealth Games with Tonga in the same year at Super Heavy division that Joseph Parker fought in 2010 - Joe lost marginally in the second round. After that he went to the World Series of Boxing for the Indian franchise, it was an uphill battle fighting the very best world ranked "amateur" Super heavies. The payment agreement used to be half for the boxer half for the country of origin while still keeping your amateur status for the Olympics. He is a very skilled boxer and used to spar with a youth amateur heavyweight boxer of ours when they were both in the Auckland team. Back then he was as fast as a middle, light heavy with plenty of power. Last I heard and quite a while before his pro debut he had settled down a bit with a wife and later a child. Certainly one to watch for the future especially with his long time coach Lolo in his corner and only 26.
Definitely one to watch, could be a great domestic fight with parker in a couple of years
(02-21-2016, 12:10 AM)craigyid14 Wrote: http://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/6615416/Olympic-boxing-hopes-over-for-Joseph-Parker

How about some discussion about Fa, instead of bringing up news we all know and you constantly remind us of. 

Yes he beat Joseph Parker in the amateurs, but what can he do in the pro ranks?
Has he got the backing needed to break out of domestic fights?
Does he have the drive needed to quickly move up the ranks considering his first pro fight was this year and he is 26? 
That's the crazy thing, Parker is rated so highly but Fa (as he has done 3 times already) and Hemi would push golden boy close! Best he doesn't mix it with the boys back home, he's better off fighting tomato cans with an ABC rating....
Really is this necessary? Feel free to spout this BS in forums such as BoxingForum24 where anything goes, but I'm sure the people browsing on here like the fact that there is sensible discussions around boxing and boxers.
If you don't rate JP, that's fine. If you think Hemi or Junior would smash him, tell us why. 
Don't sit back and berate the discussions around JP, because like I said before, having more discussions around JP and NZ Boxing in general is good for the sport. JP is the current poster boy, but I'm sure others will have their turn. 

Just chill craigy....

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