Well, maybe not Parker:
Hopefully JP was vaccinated ...
Im 50/50 on Chisora rematch- take it as a guide to show his improvements
Take it - because not much else is on offer
Take it - as the UK public will buy into it

The down side is - Its a win/win for Chisora
Gives the Old fella a chance to get a win that would stall JP career
Probably won't be of any benefit rankings wise
Higgins: Parker would fight Joyce or Chisora

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBO #3 Joseph Parker would welcome fights against WBO #2 Joe Joyce or a rematch with WBC #13 Derek Chisora according to Parker’s promoter David Higgins who told Sky Sports: “I think it’s a good time to be ranked #3 with the WBO. Yes, we would fight Joe Joyce…it’s whoever makes sense…I think the Chisora fight was a close fight and they are both household names, so a rematch could make sense there.

“We’re just mindful of our time being run down. When we fought Dillian Whyte, it was seven odd weeks. Chisora’s team, when he was with David Haye, tried to give us only seven weeks, so we pulled the pin. Then the last fight was only about eight weeks.

“There’s talk of the end of the year, but we haven’t seen a contract yet. I don’t think we’ll take the fight unless we get a decent nine or 10 weeks to prepare. I think the latest date in the year is probably that early December window, and then it runs out of time, so talk is cheap. We need to see a contract.”
Alot of talk going on that JP v Joyce is a possibility- don't think it happens but I like that fight for JP, reckon he could out speed/maneuver JJ. JJ is a juggernaut and JP tendency of taking breaks is dangerous but I think its a winnable fight with upsides for JP
Haven't seen that, bart. Do you have a link? JJ/JP is the way Parker needs to go. Same type of money as Chisora, with better ranking.
Its not signed, think Higgins said JP keen, I believe that its better than rematching Chisora which has 0 upside. Beat JJ and and you are legit for a title shot.... of course no guarantees.. but might push Whyte to want to rematch.
All good $ fights while the top 4 sort themselves out
Given who Whyte's fighting next, he might just fight JP. Good match-ups in the US and UK if Hearn can make it happen.
Whyte fighting Franklin I think?
I actually want him to fight Arreola who may push him hard
(09-07-2021, 12:07 AM)bart Wrote: Whyte fighting Franklin I think?
I actually want him to fight Arreola who may push him hard

Another soft touch for Whyte.
Yeah I actually think getting KO'd so hard by AP shock him up plenty. They pushed an obviously not well AP into a re-match as they knew he was struggling physically after covid.
I think Whyte has blown his chances for a title fight in the near future so will fight these soft touches and whinge that its not fair.
Himself and JP etc should forget the belts atm - they will be tied up for the next 2 years between the top 4 fighting and re-matching, there are plenty meaningful scraps bubbling below - a HW tournament ( I think Don King had 1 along time ago)
Charles Martin
Ruiz Jr
and so on.

I know its hard with diff promotions - maybe a box off internally then best v best
I know its

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