I think we will tell a lot from this fight.

Chisora is the real "gatekeeper" who tends to lose only to Top-10 guys

What level is Parker truly? Is the new trainer improving his game?

A pivotal fight for JP.
Absolutely kiwi.
This is a real measuring stick to where JP lies in the he division. Wins by ko or by classy lopsided decision he is in the mix. Lose or win by plodding borefest then he just takes dels place as a gatekeeper into the top 10-15
Parker is NOT gonna fight AJ/Fury anytime soon.  Win this fight in style, and he (Hearn) calls out the Usyk/Joyce winner, as they won't face AJ/Fury anytime soon.  As a fallback plan, Whyte II, or Povetkin if he wins isn't a bad second option.  Don't see much out that other than those two fights.  Fallback Plan #3:  Fight Martin or Ruiz II.  He's gotta stay relevant in the top 5.
Agree die. The only chance of a title fight is wbo. I listened to a interview with a UK trainer can't remember his name but he reckons after furey v aj 1 some belts will split. So that other fighters under the big 2 will get some chance at a title, and that is the Parker group.
Providing he beats del. Those other fights you mentioned would be great also. Maybe if the focus wasn't on titles the match ups would be great
Anyone subscribe to the Herald.  I hit a firewall:
Andy Lee article in the Herald today:

For anybody that wants to read premium Herald articles without paying, just use the Firefox browser, and download/install the 'Bypass Paywalls' extension for Firefox.

Here's the article:

Lee said apart from the potential to be inspired by Fury's skill in the ring and magnetism out of it, the access to quality sparring partners for Parker would be far greater than if they had remained in Dublin.

And Parker has plenty to work on. While unwilling to criticise Parker's former trainer Kevin Barry – the pair split after Parker's recent unanimous decision victory over fellow Kiwi Junior Fa - Lee said he wasn't convinced that Parker had been fighting to his potential.

"You take notice because there aren't many heavyweights coming from New Zealand," he said. "I watched him and I thought he had a lot of talent but I was never overly impressed with him to be honest with you. I thought he had fast hands and lot of ability."

With time in short supply, Lee was working with Parker on the basics; the way he distributes his weight – he said Parker "fell over" his front foot too often as he threw a punch – and striking techniques which made the most of his power. An issue of mentally switching off during rounds was also being addressed.

"There's no laziness and no mental breaks. He had this habit of taking breaks – he'd do something really good and just move off and take a lazy walk. What this signifies to your opponent is – attack, he's not ready.

"The best fighters in the world concentrate and stay present for every second of every round. I could see Joseph having lapses at different times so we're ironing that out."

Lee added: "He's had to make adjustments and he's doing things he's never done before. He's taken on a lot. We have a short period of time to make these changes. If he was to fight Dereck Chisora without me being involved, I would be very confident Joseph would beat him. Chisora is a handful with the pace he fights at and his physicality, but if you can deal with that you go a long way to winning the fight.

"He's a come-forward, heavy, aggressive hooker and swinger so we have to train to combat those things and Joe is responding and taking everything on board. Everything I say to him he's doing and he's a very quick learner."

Lee, a former middleweight world champion, said he had been impressed with Parker's hand speed in the gym. "You forget that he's a heavyweight. While he's been here, he's been training with a middleweight I train – Jason Quigley – and there's no difference in hand speed.

"You have to prepare for 12 hard rounds. Everything else is just a bonus. With his hand speed, Joe could catch him with something he doesn't see coming and hurt him and get him out early, but we'll be ready for 12 rounds."
Andy Lee with Jason Quigley. Photo / Getty
Andy Lee with Jason Quigley. Photo / Getty

Lee said Parker, a 29-year-old former world champion who will be on the brink of another title challenge should he beat Chisora, had been making good use of his time.

"I've lent him a guitar and there's a piano [at his apartment]. He's got plenty of time to read his books and watch movies. That will continue. That's how it should be - from what I've learned from him, it hasn't always been like that. He hasn't always prepared correctly for fights."

Lee added: "You couldn't meet a nicer person. He's really humble, a gentleman, and he's charismatic as well – people are drawn to him. I guess he stands out a bit because he's six foot four and doesn't look like many people walking around Dublin. He's a good-looking fella – you see everyone looking at him on the streets and he's getting recognised loads. We've been out jogging and there are people pulling over and jumping out of cars getting photographs. He's a pleasure to be around."
Thanks heaps, Msreef. About time Parker and KB parted ways and he got a real trainer. Too bad it's this late in his career, but he's still got something left. We'll see May 2nd.
Come on Andy get some of that traveller mentality into him.
Do ye like dags...
Sounds great - I'm enthused.

Here's hoping it comes together on the night...

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