Joseph Parker
Good find, cranky. They say that if you are going to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Baby Joseph is doing that. Excited to see who they announce next week as his opponent. They usually do it about 8 weeks out so they can train for him. Next week is almost 8 weeks out.
Nice write-up
Parker will fight in Invercargill on August 1 -
Tomorrow there is 43 days to the Palmy fight. Two reasons for no opponent yet a) they are still struggling to get someone or b) the guy is very average and they want to try an sell as many tickets before they name opponent... I don't have a c)???? does anyone else?
Maybe want to wait until after the Mayweather vs Pacman fight? Don't want it to get buried underneath the mega fight.
Actually that's a very good point, I'm making that my c) option
My bet is next Tuesday we will hear. Let the Pac-May fight simmer and announce while boxing is on the lips!

Also, Tuesday is traditionally a very slow sports news day so nothing to overshadow.
justafan your a crackup lol

all good options
Lonergan is at the fight, and was interviewed on TV3. Maybe after the fight is over, and the winner is being interviewed, Lonergan will announce to the world who Parker will be fighting...hey, don't put it past him. Think Mr Higgins slipped him a cool $300,000 for a ringside tickets?

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