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I thought I'd create a thread just for Parker instead of his opponents.  Interesting article.  As I've said before, Klit is the icing on the cake for Baby Joseph, but it's the other boxers in the camp that can also give Parker quality sparring:

Joseph Parker in good company in Wladimir Klitschko's sparring stable


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FRIENDLY RIVALS: Wladimir Klitschko, left, poses with his challenger Bryant Jennings in New York.

New Zealand boxer Joseph Parker will be in good company when he joins world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko's training camp next week.
Details of Klitschko's sparring stable have emerged as he begins his intense buildup for his title defence against unbeaten American Bryant Jennings in New York on April 25.
Parker heads from his Las Vegas base to Florida for the training camp, hoping to be involved for about three weeks and looking to learn plenty from the dominant champion's methods.
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GOOD EXPERIENCE: New Zealand's Joseph Parker will join heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko's training camp next week as a sparring partner.

Ukrainian sources have revealed four sparring partners for of Klitschko, with Parker, undefeated over 13 fights with 11 knockouts and rising in the rankings, expected to be a key figure.
It's understood that Parker's good friend, Poland-raised Nigerian Izuagbe Ugonoh, is also in the mix.
The tall and athletic Ugonoh joined Parker under the tutelage of New Zealand trainer Kevin Barry last year and has fought twice in New Zealand, adding two easy victories to take his record to 11-0 with nine knockouts.
Undefeated Russian light heavyweight Umar Salamov (12-0, 10 KOs) and once-defeated Georgian cruiserweight Yago Kiladze (22-1, 15 KOs) are also reportedly entering the training ring with Klitschko.
Klitschko, who turned 39 last Tuesday, is looking for his 18th title defence against Jennings who has won all 19 of his fights with 10 knockouts.
Klitschko holds the WBA Super, WBO, IBF and IBO belts and is looking to dispose of Jennings to set up a fight with WBC champion Deontay Wilder (US) to become the undisputed champion, unifying all of the organisations' titles.
Parker will use this golden opportunity to prepare for his next fight which has been scheduled for Palmerston North on June 13.

No opponent has been named for Parker who is ranked No 8 with the WBO and No 10 with the WBA and is eager to make some headway on the rankings of the other organisations to help manoeuvre him towards a title opportunity of his own.
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I read on the Boxrec forum that someone had contacted Eric Molina directly and been told he was not going to fight Parker - just rumours but you never know; might not be as sewn up as I thought.

For his June 13 undercard:

Jeff Horn v Richmond Djarbeng -

I've also read/heard Reece Papuni and Izu Ugonoh will both be on the card

And Brown Butterbean is set to have two fights on the one night against two different opponents, not sure how this is going to work but there you go -
Just an idea, but I'd like to see Parker take on another undefeated prospect; even if it's a relatively safe win, just to have an undefeated fighter on his resume..

Someone like Lateef Kayode, etc
Joe Parker article on sparring with Klit:
30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.... LOL just a heads up re the above link...
Sorry, Daneo, mis-leading article. But Izo has sparred with Klit, with KB in his corner. So Parker must be getting ready in the next day or two.

I think Parker benefits huge by sparring with Parker. Firstly, my guess is that he'll be paid something for it. Secondly, it will give him some specifics to work on. Thirdly, he'll know how to train better after watching Klit. Fourthly, huge motivation. Fifthly, he'll probably also spar with others in the camp, quality sparring. Sixthly, he DOES have a fight coming up in June, and will need to spar for it. Seventhly, if he's going to make a run for the top five in an alphabet, this will give him some exposure.
All correct die, rubbish article by a guy who by his own admission DKSAB..... If you aspire to be champ one day u spar/train like a champ or (even better) with the champ.
Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker gains valuable experience from Wladimir Klitschko in Miami
Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker has been going toe-to-toe with the world's best heavyweight in preparation for his June fight.

Parker and his trainer Kevin Barry are in camp in Miami, training with world champion Wladimir Klitschko as Parker builds up to his June 13 fight in Palmerston North.

Parker was initially anxious about sparring with the world champion, but was fine after a couple of sessions and has held his own against the big Ukrainian.

"It doesn't get any better," Barry said from Miami. "There are lots of big men in the heavyweight division but Klitschko happens to be the very best of them.

"Joe's still very much a work in progress. Klitschko and his team have been very complimentary."

Klitschko is the holder of the WBA Super, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight titles, so for Parker, 23, to be training with him is a big deal.

"It's a huge experience," Barry said. "It's every bit as much of an experience as I thought it would have been for Joe.

"We've come a long way in the last two years and taken some pretty big steps.

"With fights against [Brian] Minto, [Marcelo] Nascimento and Sherman [Williams], they're all fights against experienced opponents that moved us into the rankings with great success.

"He's ranked No 8 in the world in WBA and No 10 in the world in WBA. This experience, coming into camp with Klitschko, is the biggest step in Joseph's career."

Barry said when Parker was on the undercard for Klitschko's bout against Alex Leapai last year, Parker was in awe of Klitschko.

"Joe's skill level is a lot higher than when were in Germany 12 months ago," Barry said. "We've been together for just over two years and it's a huge difference.

"It's massive to see how far he's come in the last year."

Barry said Parker had given Klitschko the best workout in sparring. Two of the eight partners have been replaced for not being up to scratch.

Barry said it's a huge mental exercise to get in the ring with a great fighter like Klitschko and working with Klitschko is something they could do again.

"Joe now knows how much more we need to do with our conditioning, stamina and strength and everything else."

Barry said comparisons have been made between parker and British Olympic gold medal winner Anthony Joshua.

Just who Parker will fight is another question, but Barry said they are close to naming him.

After Parker beat Jason Pettaway last month, Barry said it is important to give Parker a good test in his next bout to show his development.

"It will probably be Joe's biggest challenge."

They will be in Miami until next week, then head back to Las Vegas for a six-week training camp, before returning to New Zealand before the fight.

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Hey Daneo, that's the article I posted! But, look at the difference in bodies. Klit is two inches taller and 5 kg heavier, but seriously man, Parker needs to fill out more. Klit is twice as wide as he is. I know KB doesn't like weights, but he needs to get with the programme. All the boxers now lift weights. Muscle=strength. I'm not saying he needs to be muscle bound, but use Klit as your example.

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