Ortiz/Martin. Jan1st
Ortiz comes off canvas twice to stop Martin

In an IBF heavyweight eliminator, Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (33-2, 28 KOs) scored an exciting come-from-behind sixth round TKO over “Prince” Charles Martin (28-3-1, 25 KOs) on Saturday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Martin, who was IBF heavyweight champion for a minute in 2016, knocked down Ortiz with a shot behind the ear in round one. The 42-year-old Ortiz rebounded to win round two. Ortiz down again at the end of round four from a jab. Ortiz put Martin out on his feet in round six and Martin’s glove was bizarrely stuck between the ropes as he went down. Martin beat the count but Ortiz brutally battered him to the deck again to end it. Time was 1:37.
Thanks bart! Great fight. I thought Ortiz' age was beginning to show. Got kd twice and was feeling the effects. As they say, the last to go is the power. True tonite.
Yeah he looked really shaky - but geez he took Martins soul with that first KD - Martin didn't know where he was at all. Credit to him for fighting on and I for a split second thought he was going to land on Ortiz in the last exchange but not to be.
Ortiz won but looks out of top grade level to me.
Sanchez looked average as well
Couldn't agree with you more. Ortiz needs to retire, or maybe do some easy fights if he needs the money. He took too many shots, against a guy who is not elite. And his age...Yep, Sanchez was a disappointment. Does he not know how to throw combinations?

A fight I'd like to see is Hrgovic/Ruiz. I think Ruiz would beat him if he came in shape. Too fast for Hrgovic, and good boxing skills against a slugger.
King Kong Ortiz: I was never worried

“I was very focused during this fight,” said heavyweight Luis “King Kong” Ortiz after coming off the deck twice to stop Charles Martin in round six. “I was never worried. My trainer just told me to keep working the jab and that’s what I was able to do. It was very difficult going southpaw against southpaw. At the end of the day, my intelligence won the fight.

“I maintained faith the entire time. I knew I had my family and these fans behind me. I told everyone that this fight would be fireworks. He knocked me down, but then I finished him. I respect him a lot and now I’m coming after every heavyweight in line for the title.”
Reading comments on other boxing sites and fans (mostly casual idiots) giving Martin shit. I thought he exposed Ortiz and was boxing well he just got caught by a big HW.
Martin could still go on and give good fights- I thought he looked better than Sanchez who gets praised but had a terrible night- 1 shotted and clueless.
Martin trained and prepared and had a decent gameplan- he just got hit hard in the temple
I just hate it when people bag a guy who has stepped in the ring v a feared opponent and comes up short, calling them bums etc ...
Great minds thinking alike, bart. I was thinking the same. Martin looked good, and got the better of him until he got caught. Stick him in with Hrgovic, Ruiz, Joyce, JP, and I wouldn't count him out. The underdog sure, but he has power and skill. Just ask Ortiz. The difference for Ortiz and Martin now is that Martin still has some good years left. Ortiz needs to cash out.

I'd put Martin in the same category as Chisora, only better.

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