Junior Fa
I dunno about this protest -losing with dignity can sometimes help more.
Maybe if they want a rematch to try and correct the result but it was a devastating KO
There's not much dignity after getting KO'd by a washed up 43 year old in the first round. How do you come back from that? But to create some controversy, be the victim, and demand a rematch? No dignity in that either, but at least you keep your career going.

Bart, boxing question: what constitutes an illegal punch to the head? How far back does it have to be?
Look at it in slow mo. It was well in the back of the head, but not behind the head. Illegal?

The first KD which was the concussive blow was side of the head above the ear- similar to Tyson hit on Wilder 2
The fight could well have been stopped there as Fa was not fit to continue
the last hit was behind the head mainly due to Fa ducking and turning- reminded me of Chisoras KD of JP
Fa should ask Browne for a rematch- offer he the decent coin he will be expecting and right the wrong.
Huni won't waste his time with Browne I don't think- I'm not sure if this win will have promoters knocking on Brownes down offering him PPV $$ so a rematch with Fa might be an option for him
Chisora KD JP? You mean Whyte?

The punch was between the ear and the back of the head it looked like from the slow mo. And yes, it shoulda been stopped. He was twitching on the canvas. And yes, Fa needs to get a rematch regardless of the amount of money it would pay. I still think the undercard of Haney/Kambosos II if it happens. Hype it as revenge of the thug or something like that. Create some drama.
yes Chisoras KD of JP in fight 1
Yeah aim for Kambosos card of redemption
Oh yes, I remember now.

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