Junior Fa
Craig, like NakiFan said, be cool man. I deleted the last part of your thread, as there's no need for that. Choose the threads you like, realizing that it's different strokes for different folks.
Damn . Didn't realise Junior Fa was so BIG! Looking forward to following him closely. NZ Heavyweight Boxing is looking pretty good right now!
Fa is big and skilled, he has very good speed and coordination for a bloke his size. Seems to have good power (which from his size you would expect).

I watched his fight against Usyk and I have seen a a few of his other WSB fights. He seemed to like fighting off the back foot and liked doing a bit of running.
Especially against Usyk I was thinking he should have stood his ground more and forced the smaller, weaker man on to fight off the back foot.

Does Fa have the mongrel to be a star? He seem's just too nice of a bloke to me!

Fighting on Rapira's April 2 card in the Naki
Junior Fa looks the Goods . Great Size for a Heavyweight good amateur background. Future looks Bright.
Junior Fa is exciting but lets keep it real so far.
His first fight was a win over Richard Tutaki who was in probably the worst shape of his career (and that's saying something).
I've been told that Tutaki had done a couple of sessions in the gym (that's it) and no fitness and conditioning for the fight from came someone who I'm pretty confident would be in the know.
Monty Betham's hype job after the fight was nothing short of shameful. Running over to Tutaki to say how hard does this guy hit etc as Tutaki rolls of some well rehearsed lines about how devastating Fa is before even talking to the winner of the fight.
I'm really pumped about Fa and think he beats Hemi Ahio with ease and yes his long term future looks very bright but he has spent time away from the sport since his amateur days so lets keep it real and see where he is this time next year.

I like Tutaki as a fighter but I hope he now calls it a day.n He's been a warrior that deserves respect no matter his issues outside of the gym
After his April 2 v TBA he will fight again 2 weeks later against the terrible Clint Foia (0-5) on Royal Rampage card in AKL. Personally I don't mind who he fights, just great to see him active early.
junior is very hungry at the moment and has all the talent in the world. a bit of luck and hard work and he will be where joseph is in a few years.
Hopefully he can keep that mindset, can't be easy when you have spent a couple of years away
Looks like he'll be fighting Jayson Aloese on April 16 following next weeks bout with Clint Foai.

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