AJ/Usyk Sunday. DAZN
yes AM I think whatever AJ comes with next fight Usyk will have the antidote
Somehow I think AJ stands a better (albeit slim) chance with Fury than Usyk
I will clarify that thinking that- the current Fury is less mobile more direct than previously meaning he may stand infront of AJ longer than Usyk so AJ who can through combos has a better shot at landing
Now as I'm typing I am thinking... there is no guarantee Fury fights the same v AJ as he did v Wilder infact he could even though mega successful training with Suga Hill to change up completely- that is Tyson he evolves way quicker than other athletes and is a horses for courses thinker.
I better stop thinking now
You're funny! I think Fury would man-handle him, smother him, push him around, and basically beat him up. I just don't think Usyk is that good, but he looked good against AJ.

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