Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free
Ugas, Pacquiao Comments

Yordenis Ugas: “I told you, I am the champion of the WBA and I showed it tonight. I’m very emotional. A lot of people say Cubans can’t win the big fight. So, I’m very proud that I got this win for Cuba and showed what we are all about. My trainer, Ismael Salas, and I had a plan. We were going to move him around; we were going to use the jab and keep him off balance. That was the whole game plan. The right hand was a shot I had planned to use on Manny. It kept working so I kept using it.”

Manny Pacquiao: “In the future, you may not see Manny Pacquiao in the ring. I don’t know. Let me rest first, relax and make a decision if I’ll continue to fight or not.”
Probably better if Manny retired he looked OK but has lost that footwork and speed which made him elite- had a great run and a HOF all time great.
Feeling though he will fight again but hope not
What bothered me is that Manny was hit by a right hand from Ugas when Ugas had both hands so wide that they looked like wings from a bird. Manny had all the time in the world to either counter or get out of the way. Instead, he was hit by that right hand. He's lost his fast reflexes. Time to retire. To his credit, his hands were still fast, with good combos. Just didn't have any effect. Got hit way too much.
yeah he will still be competitive if he wished to carry on but no longer elite and he deserves better than to carry on and amass loses
Can only imagine what Spence woulda done to him. Ugas had no real power.
And most of that damage was done by jabs etc not major power punches
Pac was eating punches better than he eats his cornflakes.
Look Im sure after any fight a boxer has issues in recovery- remember playing pre season rugby after training only- I used to feel like I had been in a car crash for a good part of the following week...
The concern is when headaches are mentioned - I think anyway
Cornflakes? No wonder he was slow. Hard to believe that his wife posted that photo. Maybe she's sending a message to Manny. Retire.
Yes def not a pic to say - your doing great honey lets make the Spence fight asap

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