Whyte/Povetkin II. Sunday. DAZN.
Whyte: This time I’ll beat him

Heavyweight Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte (27-2, 18 KOs) has been forced to wait patiently for his revenge match with WBC interim heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin (36-2-1, 25 KOs).
The two were set to meet in November but Povetkin tested positive for coronavirus ahead of that date and it had to be postponed. Their second clash was then supposed to usher in the new year of boxing but, at the start of January, the sport was suspended amid the growing coronavirus cases in the UK, but the 32-year-old says the delays have given him more time to make the necessary adjustments in order to get the win this weekend. The fight takes place Saturday at the Europa Point Sports Complex in Gibraltar on DAZN.
In their first fight last August, Whyte seemed well on his way toward victory. He floored Povetkin twice in the fourth round, only to suffer a dramatic one-punch knockout defeat in the following stanza.
“This time I’ll beat him, and we’ll see what people are going to say.” said Whyte. “One, two or three losses means nothing to a heavyweight nowadays. If you fight good fighters, the main thing is you can come back. This is a must-win fight for me, but I’m not a guy that worries about pressure. I just smile and take it in my stride.
“I was a fighter a long time before I was a boxer. I’ve been knocking people out for a long time. I carry a lot of power in both hands. Povetkin is a very cagey guy and an experienced guy, a very patient guy. He’s a tough guy as well. Last time I didn’t land properly and he went down, but he showed resilience by getting up and then he stopped me. This time when I hit him he’ll stay down.
“I’m a very adaptable kind of guy, I’ll do what I need to do to get the win. I don’t care if I’ve got to rough a guy up or outbox them. I’ll do whatever it takes for me to win. It’s the biggest fight of my career. I’m coming off a loss to the guy. The good thing is this is heavyweight boxing. One fight changes everything.
“It’s a fight man. You don’t know how you’re going to feel on the day. You don’t know what’s going to happen and you don’t know how the other guy is going to come. As long as I’m able to adapt on the day, that’s all that matters.
“I don’t care if I have to throw two jabs and move or get in and throw power punches and rough him up. I’ll do whatever I have to do. I’m not worried about a career-best performance, I’m worried about getting the win. My mindset is I’ve got a job to do and I’ll do whatever I need to do to get it done.
“I’m still young and I’ve got loads of fights left in my career God willing. I can worry about looking good in another fight. This is about winning. When I touch him this time his whole body is going to vibrate, he’ll understand. I’m coming to do what I do best and that’s to inflict pain. If I’ve got to make it a dog fight then I’ll make it a dog fight. It will be a different story this time.”
Whyte a 3:1 favorite to avenge loss to Povetkin

Heavyweight Dillian Whyte is a 3.5 to 1 favorite to avenge his KO loss to WBC interim champion Alexander Povetkin when they meet on Saturday in the unlikely location of Gibraltar. Promoter Eddie Hearn is billing the contractually obligated rematch as “Rumble on the Rock!”

They won’t actually be fighting on the rock, but at the Europa Point Sports Complex in the town of Gibraltar located at the base of the rock.

Povetkin flew to London yesterday and will be heading to Gibraltar tomorrow. The fight will air on DAZN in the U.S. and Sky Sports Box Office in the UK.
I wonder if there'll be spectators? If not what's the point of holding it in Gibraltar?
heavy Alexander Povetkin 36 2 1
Dillian Whyte 27 2 0
World Boxing Council Interim World Heavy Title

super welter Ted Cheeseman 16 2 1
James Metcalf 21 0 0
vacant BBBofC British Super Welter Title

welter Chris Kongo 12 0 0
Michael McKinson 19 0 0
World Boxing Organisation Global Welter Title

heavy Fabio Wardley 10 0 0
Eric Molina 27 6 0

heavy Erik Pfeifer 7 0 0
Nick Webb 16 2 0

super feather Youssef Khoumari 11 0 1
Kane Baker 14 7 0

super feather Campbell Hatton debut
3 to 1 underdog, bart.  Time to win your $10 back, and then some.

What the hell... I'll chance it
That's the spirit! I assume it's on Povetkin. Are the odds still 3-1?
Haven't been on yet. The tab kindly txt me today as my account is empty with an offer to ignite my gambling addiction, if I deposit $30 they will give me $15!! Must be a sign..
So you put $30 on Povetkin and they give you $15 back? Sounds like a good deal. So you put $30 on Povetkin at 3-1 odds, with a chance of making $100 plus the $15, and if you lose, you get $15. Am I right about that?

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