Parker vs Fa
Fa is so much bigger than Joe in the face off.  If Jr can get his health right, he can pull off an upset.  Remember Markk, no over-training, and keep an eye on him!
Interesting how much bigger Fa looked

Hope the health is good
He (Fa) did look big, think JP will try and set a good pace and test him out
(10-07-2020, 11:11 AM)diehard Wrote: Fa is so much bigger than Joe in the face off.  If Jr can get his health right, he can pull off an upset.  Remember Markk, no over-training, and keep an eye on him!

haha 2cm hight difference formally. id say 2 inches

all over it with the training

about 12 weeks out from fight- both guys look in pretty good nic
JP is looking very fit
Plenty of time to get good prep done so be no excuses for either team.... looking forward to it- bring it on.
Er, uh, I think it's 8 weeks out, not 12. Which is good, as it's closer to fight night. I agree, both fighters look fit.
The key thing here is fa's HEALTH

If he comes in truly healthy - he could be a handful
Kiwi, always great to hear from you!  Markk says that he's got Fa's health covered.  In the past, he's over-trained, or done his own thing eating when he's at home.  A fight of this magnitude leaves nothing to chance.  Fa has to be right, his family needs to not be a distraction, and his preparation needs to be second to none.  

Craig mentioned the Morgain/Tszyu possibly being on the undercard.  My mate Stuart Duncan is the matchmaker, so even though he's in OZ, hopefully he can bring some homegrown Kiwi talent to the party.

Oops, craig just mentioned that fight is in OZ.  Oh well.
oseph Parker believes Junior Fa fight will make or break him
Duncan Johnstone

Joseph Parker has labelled his fight with New Zealand heavyweight rival Junior Fa the make or break of his career.

The two square off in Auckland on December 11 in a fight with major ramifications to the WBO where former champion Parker has clawed his way back to No 3 and Fa sits at No 6.

Parker has had a frustratingly quiet two years since his double losses to British fighters Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte in 2018.

New Zealand heavyweights Joseph Parker and Junior match up well for their December fight in Auckland.
Injuries and matchmaking problems pretty much wrote off 2019 and the coronavirus pandemic seriously stalled 2020, which the 28-year-old targeted to get back into title contention.

Circumstances required a change of thinking and instead of chasing a bigger international opponent, Parker pushed for his handlers to flush out Fa rather than waste more time.

The desperation brings risks and Parker concedes he is putting his hard-earned reputation on the line, insisting he has much more to lose than his opponent.

“I think this fight is pretty much make or break for me,” Parker told Stuff.

“People are saying there’s a lot of pressure and big risk, and they are right.

Joseph Parker has spent most of 2020 training, often by himself.
“I’ve had two losses and if I lose another one it will be very hard to climb back to the top. People will be saying, ‘why is he fighting, he has already had his time’.

“If Junior Fa loses, he can come back having just had one loss to a former champion.

“So there is a lot of risk from our side but in saying that I love pressure and I love the risk factor of boxing.

“There was no point sitting back waiting a year or even two years to get a big fight. I said to David (Higgins, manager) and Kevin (Barry, trainer) I’m hungry for a fight, I don’t care who it is. So everyone was on board and finally we’ve made it happen.”

Now they have to make other things happen, mainly in the sparring department.

Hopes of having his Italian connection Guido Vianello come to New Zealand were dashed by Covid-19 immigration issues. And plans to appeal that went out the window when Vianello suffered a big cut over an eye in an unexpected draw while fighting in Las Vegas last weekend. That injury makes sparring impossible.

Joseph Parker feels he is putting his career on the line against fellow Kiwi Junior Fa.
The lanky Vianello would have been ideal physically and now Parker has to scour the domestic scene. Parker is in good nick and is ready to launch into sparring as soon as Barry is released from quarantine in a couple of weeks, having just arrived from Vegas.

“We have been reaching out to local coaches and everyone has been very helpful,” Parker said.

“But I’m not sure if anyone will be up to the standard required and that’s why Vegas is always a great place to train. So many fighters come through there and you can spar anyone.

“In New Zealand we are quite limited, and we need to find someone who can replicate Junior Fa … he’s a pretty big guy, he has a long reach, and he’s also a good mover.”

They are qualities that only heighten Parker’s respect for his opponent. Expected to win, Parker is also wary of the unexpected.

“Even though my record shows my opponents have been a better class, you can’t take anything lightly. It’s the heavyweight game, anything can happen. Look at Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin recently. Povetkin was getting owned and then one punch took Dillian apart.”

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