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Starting with Whyte vs Joshua, I thought it might be a good idea to put our predictions all on one thread. At least we have a easy way to view who got things right and who was very very wrong.

Nakifan- Whyte KO Round 6
gothenaki- For reasons I've previously mentioned I'm picking AJ in 4
Yanni- my pick would be another AJ win via KO within the first few rounds
Nigs- AJ round round 4
Boxingfan25- I am predicting Dillian Whyte to KNOCK OUT Anthony Joshua
Kiwi- I am with you, bro.I rate it a 50/50 fight (Whyte to win?, I guess that is what Kiwi is saying...)
Shamrock- Me too Nigs, all the way. (AJ to win)
Tm7- AJ to clean him up with TKO round 2
WestyWarrior- I'm picking AJ stops Whyte in the third
diehard- AJ KO's him in the second. Whyte is defense-less.

Please put down your predictions on the fight thread:, and I'll transfer your choices into here.


Well, I guess nobody expected it to go 7 rounds, but after a flurry of punches from either party, and both looking gassed....AJ KO's Whyte.

Well done- gothenaki, Yanni, Nigs, Shamrock, Tm7, WestyWarrior and diehard.
I consider mine a look warm prediction. Almost had it in the second, but AJ got too confident, and Whyte came on.
After the 1st round, I thought the 4 i'd predicted was too many.
When I saw AJ doing the chicken dance in the 2nd round.... - I was thinking "Bfan's got it right again!"
After the 4th, AJ relaxed and took control, but looked sluggish enough to give Parker fans hope.
Parker better have a damn good chin though
What is the next big fight coming up that we can put on this page? Wilder vs Szpilka?
Jennings vs Ortiz
Wilder vs Szpilka
Martin vs Glazkov (2016)
Klit vs Fury (2016)
Heavyweight knockout artist Luis Ortiz and top contender Bryant Jennings will meet in a toss-up fight Dec. 19 in the main event of a "Boxing After Dark" card at the Turning Stone Casino Resort in Verona, New York.

Is Bryant Jennings going to stop "the real king-kong"? or is Ortiz going to keep his unbeaten streak going all the way to a title fight?


diehard- Jennings by UD. Ortiz is over-rated. But in a dramatic turn of events diehard is now picking Ortiz to win by KO in the late rounds.
gotthenaki- Ortiz to start strong, knock down Jennings once and win by narrow decision 115-113 with Jennings coming back in the later rounds
NakiFan- Ortiz to KO Jennings in the late rounds.
Stu Duncan- but Im confident Jennings will get across the line in this one
James5000- I like this match up and I feel reasonably confident tipping Ortiz in this one.
Ina Mungstit- Picking Ortiz in the 7th
Boxingfan25- Im picking Ortiz to Win. Jennings will spend most of the fight Running but when Ortiz catches him it will be all over. Ortiz by KO.
Tm7- Picking a late stoppage win for Jennings. Ortiz will be gassed after trying to hard in the first few rounds
Jamieson- This is an excellent heavyweight match-up between to legit contenders. Very difficult to pick. I'm going to stick with Jennings on points.
Bloody good fight from Ortiz and Jennings. You could see the bitter disapointment on Jennings face, but he just didn't have anything apart from going onto the inside, and that wasn't going to win the fight.

Congrats to:

NakiFan (Yay!), diehard, gotthenaki, James5000, Ina Mungstit (Picked the round also correctly), BoxingFan25

Next fight Wilder v Spzilka...
The Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder faces his third defense of his WBC title against the polish contender Artur Szpilka. 

Can Wilder keep his unbeaten streak going, or is his chin going to be tested?

Vyacheslav Glazkov and Charles Martin will fight for a vacant IBF heavyweight world title...who will be crowned?

David Haye returns to the ring after a 3 year break taking on Mark De Mori, has Haye lost any of his flair? 


James5000- Wilder beats Szpilka , Martin beats Glazkov , Haye sparks De Mori 

diehard- Yep, Martin, Wilder, Haye.

Ina Mungstit- Have to go with the herd on all 3. Wilder, Martin, Haye. 
Wilder to win by KO in the 4th. Be a good test for Wilder this one and interesting to see if he is as good as i think he is. 

Martin to finish Glazkov, cause if it goes to points, can we trust the judges when Glazkov is in the corner( ie Cunningham and Scott)???? Just see Martin as too big too strong and too athletic, with KO real power. Hmmm when is a harder one, Glazkov hasthe chin to go deep, whether Martin still has that power in the late rounds hasnt been proven. So il say KO for Martin in the 8th. Or if it goes the distance, which it well might Glazkov for the points. 50/50. O god, the more i think through it the more unsure i am. OK am reserving my right to a late change on mind on this one. Haye v De Mori, have a feeling this will be a close one, that will go the distance. De Mori is a sound fighter, not as good as Haye in his prime, but after 3 years lay off, does he still have it, or the motivation, HW boxing comebacks are notoriously unsuccessful. But my heart is saying Haye on a close points decision, maybe even split points.

BoxingFan25- Wilder to win by KO, Glazkov to win on POINTS, De Mori by KO

Gothenaki- Wilder KO6, 
Glazkov Pts (controversial with Martin getting one knock-down), Haye KO5

NakiFan- Wilder UD, Martin KO6, Haye UD

Tm7- Wilder wins by late TKO again, 
Glazkov wins UD, Haye by earlyish KO

Boxing Gossip- Wilder 5. Martin 9. Haye 5

Jamieson- Wilder, Glaskov Decision, Haye KO

Yanni- Wilder, Martin, Haye KO 3

The above post are all your predictions...please let me know if you wish to change them on the thread :"

I'll amend the post above to reflect those changes. If I also missed anybody else, repost your predictions there also....



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