Kiwis fighting abroad
(05-27-2015, 11:23 AM)Daneo Wrote: Bryant v Watts should be a cracker....

I agree! I think Watts might have bitten off more than he can chew...
Izu vs Julius Long isn't even listed on the Duco website, but is listed on boxrec.
Gunnar Jackson (21-5-3) has pulled out of his nothing fight against Daniel Roy Maxwell to fight Kerry Hope (21-7) in Brisbane tomorrow night.

Great matchup! Hopefully he does well, same to Reece Papuni v Trent Broadhurst on the same card
Reece Papuni expecting war in biggest fight of his career against Trent Broadhurst

When Reece Papuni was out running on new year's morning he was dreaming of career changing opportunities.

It has taken six months but the Canterbury boxer finally gets his wish in Brisbane on Friday. The national light heavyweight champion fights highly rated Australian Trent Broadhurst for the vacant WBA Oceania title in what will easily be Papuni's toughest fight to date.

After a breakthrough year in the professional ranks in 2014, Papuni was entitled to still be celebrating when he left Sumner Beach at 4am.

"It was a mindset thing, I wanted to get myself ready for a massive year," Papuni said.

Yet to fight in 2015, Papuni will earn a top 15 ranking with the WBA if he can defeat the 14-1 Broadhurst.

Papuni knows the fight is a risk to his undefeated (9-0) record but he was never going to sit around in Christchurch and wait for opponents to come to him.

"I don't want to be one of those guys who is 20-0 but only fighting mugs," Papuni said.

"I wouldn't have taken this opportunity if I didn't believe I could go over there and win."

Broadhurst will not have to chase Papuni around the ring with the 2010 Commonwealth Games representative vowing to stand and trade with the Australian.

"It's going to be a war but I really don't believe he can hurt me."

The Papuni team arrived in Brisbane early on Tuesday morning to allow time to acclimatise. Broadhurst will have the home crowd advantage but Papuni reckons his supporters will make plenty of noise.

A support crew of more than 40 people will travel across from Canterbury and a stack of Kiwis living in Brisbane, including Papuni's brother, will be in attendance.

Papuni's trainer Phil Shatford said the fight could open massive doors for Papuni. Not only would it boost his profile in Australia, it could potentially open up opportunities around the globe. The former national amateur coach said Papuni would leave everything in the ring and had a strong chance of winning.

"Broadhurst is a great fighter but so is my fella."

Papuni has been training for around eight weeks and rates this preparation his best ever after spending a week in both Melbourne and Auckland for sparring.

"We have been able to train specifically for Trent," Papuni said.

"If you don't go and get the quality sparring you don't know if you are improving.

"It's no good just beating up the same guys and thinking you are going really good."

He said the sparring was vital given he'd not had a meaningful fight since beating Sam Rapira for the New Zealand title in October last year.

Despite the inactivity in 2015, Papuni, is confident he will be an improved fighter on Friday night.

"I think you improve every fight, you are constantly improving on strength, speed and skills."

Broadhurst's only loss came against Kiwi Robert Berridge in 2011.
Anyone know who he was sparring in Melbourne?
Apparently Gunner Jackson just got drilled by Hope on the scorecards. Think it was 100-92, 98-92 and 100-92. No more title
Papuni stopped in round five. That's all the info I got so not sure if clean ko or not???
That's such a shame, I thought they'd have been closer

Friday 10 July
Dane Campbell (3-3) v Abdallah Hamdan (0-0-1) in VIC

Saturday 8 August
James Porter (7-2) v TBA in QLD

Friday 14 August
Rob Manual (0-3) v Jai Opetaia (debut) in VIC

Saturday 12 December
James Porter (7-2) v TBA in QLD
My fight's up in the air boys... opponent not on schedule to make the weight.

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