Joshua vs Parker betting
I'm going to bet on Joshua by a Decision

I think there might be good odds on that if i bet with a uk bookmakers as obviously Joshua is seen as a monster ko artist and Parker is underrated

But i think Joshua is going to realize that Parker has an indestructible chin and then he will switch it up and win close using superior range and taking advantage of parker not using his jab much.

I predict AJ by 2nd round KO. Joe has no defense. Man, I hope I'm wrong!!!
Deontay Wilder Breaks Down Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs) is expecting fireworks in the nearly finalized unification between IBF, WBA, IBO champion Anthony Joshua (20-0, 20 KOs) and WBO champion Joseph Parker (24-0, 18 KOs).

Parker and Joshua are likely to collide on March 31 at Principality in Cardiff, Wales.

Wilder is back in action on March 3rd, against Cuban puncher Luis Ortiz at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Should Wilder come out on top, he would certainly be expected to become a ringside participant when Joshua and Parker trade punches - because the American Olympian will target the winner.

Wilder felt Joshua struggled in his last fight in October, which saw a tenth round stoppage of Carlos Takam - who Parker won a decision over in 2016.

He believes the British superstar will be motivated to make a big statement against Parker to erase the bad cloud of his last performance.

"I definitely think that's a twelve round fight. I like Parker, I like Joshua as well too. The thing about Parker, he can move, he can move too. And we've seen that he can take some great punches," Wilder told Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports.

"And we also know for a fact that Joshua's last opponent Takam, that Joseph Parker beat him and [Joshua] got him out of there. We know Parker can take a punch, but we've never seen Parker take a punch from someone that strong. We've never seen Parker just take a nice punch on the chin. We really don't know about that. I think it's going to be a hell of a fight for as long as it lasts.

"I think it's going to be a long, drawn out fight. I think Parker will try to stay out of the way of Joshua, and I know Joshua is just going to come and come and try to make a statement, redeem himself for the last fight and try to get him out of there."
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Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker fight agreed.
No way die 2nd round KO, where is your faith lol. Im think its going to cards or late stoppage by AJ. JP defense is shocking but to justify him a tadd would be he has never been caught cleanly on the chin lol maybe on the fore head but not his chin lol. I never bet but for this one the payout will be great for JP.
I know bopman. I just think that AJ is too big and strong, and has very few weaknesses, whereas Parker's defense is all over the show. Add that to the fact that KB hasn't corrected his novice mistakes, and I'm really worried. I'm keeping the faith, in the sense that maybe my jumping up and down cheering for Parker will help.

To me, Joe needs to stop his momentum in the first round, stun him as AJ comes forward, and get AJ retreating and uncertain. Letting AJ dictate while going backwards is a recipe for a 2nd round KO. My worry is that's what Parker always does when attacked. Here's a more optimistic view from Wilder:
I think it'll probably be quite cagey in the first couple of rounds die. That could work out to parkers benefit because of those quick hands, AJ can be very good on the counter though so we want to see nice tight defence from parker and keep those combos to 2-3 shots.
The two advantages Parker has are his fast hands and his chin. He needs to set the tone early with his hands, showing AJ that he's too fast for him. It's not about countering, it's about getting in there, lay his shots on AJ, and then getting out before AJ exchanges with him. Yes, two or three shots, then out of there.
Those first rounds will be feeler rounds then one will start to take charge. AJ has all the tools to upset Parker easily but if he comes in for the KO it will literally give JO a chance.
Anthony Joshua takes on new job but keeps focus on Joseph Parker

Heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua knows what it takes to make a successful promotion - he starred in the 90,000-seater clash with Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley last year.

Anthony Joshua is making his first moves into boxing promotion, but promises he won't be sidetracked from preparations for a likely world heavyweight title unification fight with Joseph Parker.

Joshua, the WBA and IBF world champion, has previously spoken of his desire to enter the promotional side of the sport and will start that process by helping oversee a British cruiserweight scrap between Lawrence Okolie and Isaac Chamberlain in London on February 3.

The 28-year-old will do that in a co-promotional role alongside his boss, Eddie Hearn.

World heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua might have to swap his tracksuit for a suit for his new role in the sport.

It comes against the backdrop of Joshua taking on WBO champion Parker in a massive title unification fight tipped for March 31 in Cardiff.

Eddie Hearn is taking Anthony Joshua under his wing to teach him the promotional side of the fight game.

Joshua doesn't see it as a distraction and is determined to fulfil his quest to become the king of the heavyweight division.

"Boxing is my most important thing and it's impossible to be the best fighter and the best promoter - Eddie cannot be the best promoter and also be a world champion," Joshua told The Mirror newspaper.

"I've been pro now for going on for four years, so it's way too early to be thinking about ­becoming a promoter. But to have the chance and to be ­exposed to these types of things, I take them with both hands ­because it's something I could never have imagined.

"It's a great ­opportunity and Eddie said it wouldn't take away anything from my boxing, so it made sense – it's good for me.

"I like boxing and, apart from going to the football with the lads, it's the only sport I will sit at home by myself and turn on, instead of watching EastEnders. When Eddie mentioned about the chance of being able to sit with him and bring attention, using my audience, to what these guys are trying to achieve, I said it's the perfect time for it.

"If it was any other opportunity, I might have said, 'Eddie, you know what? Not this one'. But I know both ­boxers and I know where they are trying to get to. I know how eager you must be, coming from the bottom to get to the top."

Parker's promoter David Higgins is readying to fly to London to finalise the unification fight deal with Hearn in what will be a massive payday for Parker who is set to earn around $12m for his third share of proceedings.

Parker, fresh off a holiday in Samoa, was being outfitted by one of his sponsors in Auckland on Monday, obviously determined to look sharp for what appears to be an inevitable formal announcement at a UK media conference once the ink dries on the contract.

Never not happy and grateful ??

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