What's Next for Parker???
Hughie Fury in Dunedin in April?

He needs to get to the UK - otherwise it will be NZ forever.
(12-11-2016, 04:29 PM)Kiwi Wrote: He needs to get to the UK - otherwise it will be NZ forever.

Must get to the UK if he wants to lose his belt in a hurry

Making challengers come here maximises his chance of holding it.

If he must take it offshore then try to go to neutral ground , say China

If the challengers a Brit take it to Vegas
I see your point

Fighting Wilder in Vegas makes good sense. Or China!!
Let them come here the challengers travel not the champ lol
Well, Haye, Joshua and klitschko are ruled out for a while which is a good thing. Wilder also probably will be tied up for a while too.

So Joe is free to choose some fights without getting too much grief.

His mandatory is hughie fury, I can see that being a very awkward cagey boring 12 rounder so if I was JP I'd get that fight here, otherwise the scorecards could be tough.

Take that, then go for wilder next imo
All challengers come to NZ to try to take away Parker's WBO belt. If he unifies, there's Vegas for Ortiz and Wilder, and the UK for AJ.

Love how Snedden at Duco is now an expert on what Parker needs to learn to get to the next level.
I wouldn't take that rematch either. With another training camp if ruiz lost 15lbs it could easily go his way next time.
Haye might come calling after that performance of JP.

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