AJ vs Klit is ON!!!
David Haye says Joshua-Klitschko is on, says the match-up reminds him of Ali’s ill-fated fight with Berbick

James Slater - October 11, 2016 9 Comments 

Though British promoter Eddie Hearn is at pains to insist how the huge Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko (or should that be the other war around, with “Dr. Steel Hammer’s” name being given top billing?) fight is “close” but not yet done, former champ David Haye has Tweeted a congratulatory message to the reigning IBF heavyweight belt-holder over having got the fight.
“Great to hear Joshua-Klitschko is done. Timing is everything & the time now is perfect for AJ. Reminds me of Ali-Berbick. #Father Time,” Haye wrote today.

So, does Haye know something we do not, and is the fight a done deal and on for a date to be confirmed soon? Or Has Haye simply jumped the gun? Time will tell, but Hearn has already dismissed Haye’s Tweet.
But is Joshua-Klitschko/Klitschko-Joshua really a fight/match-up comparable to Muhammad Ali’s final fight, the quite depressing affair in The Bahamas that saw “The Greatest” look so poor against Trevor Berbick? Sure, Klitschko, at age 40, is around the same age as Ali was in the December 1981 bout (lost, as surely all fight fans know, by Ali via 10-round UD) and yes, Klitschko is coming off a loss, as Ali was upon entering what turned out to be his final ring appearance. But there the similarities end.
Ali was not just old and battling Father Time when he went in against Berbick, he was a sick man who had absolutely no business being in the ring unless it was to be introduced to fans as a ringside guest of honour who was in attendance to witness two other fighters go to war. And though Klitschko lost to Tyson Fury almost a year ago, he was nowhere near as faded a force as Ali was in his fight prior to meeting Berbick – the awful Larry Holmes fight/beating.READ 
Maybe the timing is right for Joshua, and maybe, if he does fight Klitshko next, he will benefit from his youth, his enthusiasm and his sharpness. But no way will he be meeting a standing target, or a sitting duck of a brutally faded former fighter the kind Ali was in his fight against Berbick.
You can’t blame Haye for rooting for Joshua, as he very much wants to fight him. Klitschko, though, is the pick to beat AJ in the opinion of many. Timing is indeed everything in boxing, and the majority of experts say this fight has come too soon for a fighter yet to go beyond the 7th-round.
Not sure I trust the word of Mr Haye...
Klit vs AJ is an intriguing fight.

Even in his prime did klitschko ever face a guy with the combination of size, power and aggression of Joshua?


But joshua himself has vulnerability and he is nowhere near the skill level of klitschko.

So many factors, was the fury fight a bad night for Wlad or did he grow old overnight. Can klitschko be as elusive as normal against a guy his own size who isn't slow?

I love this fight, if joshua wins it'll be a ko and if he does, frankly I don't see anyone in the division he'd need be concerned about.

Sure beats a fat pudding in Auckland for the vacant wbo (although Duco will tell us otherwise)
I can see it now..
England will be in deep mourning after the fight, Eddie Hearn will have lost his golden goose - tears may be flowing, and we will all be commenting on how AJ got utterly destroyed.
Joshua has a punchers chance, that's all.
(10-12-2016, 08:37 PM)Msreef Wrote: I can see it now..
England will be in deep mourning after the fight, Eddie Hearn will have lost his golden goose - tears may be flowing, and we will all be commenting on how AJ got utterly destroyed.
Joshua has a punchers chance, that's all.

If that happens the poms will just have to get fury out of the nut house asap
We're getting close:

Good fight.
I can see both fighters getting tagged. Klit must have been working this past year on being more aggressive- what else could he do after Fury poked his tongue at him round after round.
What probably hurt as much as anything was that his brother was disappointed in him..

Klit has a great jab (when he uses it), a very sharp short left hook, and a straight right that makes you think twice about coming in again.
Joshua looks like a beast, but looks very hittable.

I just hope it's an old-school fight where both guys are tested to the limit
Good time to be a heavyweight boxing fan
lewis vs Klit you reckon die? im hoping for an all out war. experience vs youth.

im hoping youth will prevail, but its too close to call for me.
Nigs, the bookies have it an even fight right now.  I gotta go with Klit, only because he's got to redeem himself for that joke of a fight with Fury.  AJ hasn't fought anyone of note.  But Klit may be the one that makes it "of note."  AJ works best as far as Parker is concerned, as he'd have to face his mandatory by March.  Klit's a wild card.

Don't see it as Lewis vs Klit, as I think Lewis had something left in him after the fight.  I think Klit, at 40, is on his last legs, and may retire after this.  Lewis retired after the Klit fight, yes, but I just rate Lewis a little higher at this point in their careers.

But I agree with the bookie's.  It's a pick'em fight.

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