Parker v Dimitrenko prediction thread
I think it's about time we post our predictions for this fight, now that it's getting pretty close.

I'll start, Parker by KO 6th round.
Parker KO in the 8th.

Dimitrenko will fight from a distance for the first rounds before getting worked hard to the body by Parker. This will lower his arms and hands down opening up the finishing of the bout. Tall timber will crash to the canvas.
Parker by KO in the 4th. I always pick the 4th round, as that's when the boxers get down to business. Usually wrong though.
Parker on the 10th for me
Parker 7th.
Parker is overdue for a cracker performance. I'm saying ko 3rd
Me and others are predicting a KO. But Dimitrenko has never been KO'd. His 11th round stoppage by Pulev appeared to be from a short left jab that caused Dimitrenko to quit due to exhaustion. He was spent, not ko'd in my opinion. His fight with Chambers went the distance, which was his only other loss.
This is a big statement fight for Joe. Which leads me to think he will definitely make a KO statement.
Hoping for a KO but I think jo wins on points
I'm betting on Joseph to get the KO in rounds 1-3 on the tab at $5 odds.

Dimitrenko has had a handful of fights since losing to Pulev four years ago , all against low level opponents on the European bum circuit , without impressing either

He's past his best anyway and this is something of a comeback for him And a big step up against a Young lion

I think Joe will want to make an impression and take him out early if he can
Good chance of this one ending early methinks

My guess is Parker by TKO in the 2nd

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