Parker/Dimitrenko undercard
Right, who might be on the undercard?
It sounds like Izu is fighting in America in September so is very doubtful, Nik the Greek has said he's back out in November now. Who'd do we think (or would like to see) on the undercard. I'm not counting the celebrity crap or buttabollox.
Jeff Horn? Maybe a few stablemates of the big Ukrainian would be a nice change.
It would be nice to have a number of Eastern Europeans come out, and have a EU vs NZ type head to head undercard.
They've got to do something to mix it up a bit, its getting a bit stale.
I'd like to see Junior Fa and Hemi Ahio against some young decent Aussie fighters
Too much money for Duco to bring over decent opponents for the undercard

Expect Buttabean against a random novice having his first fight
Some reality tv pseudo celeb vs some other novice having there first fight
Couple of local fighters vs random mismatched Local opponent

A Spoonfull of hype . stir well and top off with Big fat PPV price tag

Why change a winning recipe
Hahahaha So True!
That's my main issue with the Duco fights: the Undercard. Need about 8 fights against competitive, mainly NZ fighters. I don't think these fights cost much, so don't understand why they don't happen...
All the Big Bash cards have been put together really well and I'm guessing with 1/10th of the budget. There's absolutely no excuse Duco can't make a similar effort
Id be interested to know what the PPV numbers were for the Haumono fight. I imagine they were very Poor. Duco put on crap Undercards to save money
At $40 per fight there is no excuse not to have a half decent undercard. It's just greed.

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