Joseph Parker vs Solomon Haumono Full Fight Card
Thursday 21 July 2016
First pro bout: 7:45pm
Event concludes: 11:30pm
Venue: Horncastle Arena, 55 Jack Hinton Dr, Addington, Christchurch

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Joseph Parker vs Solomon Haumono Live
12 Rounds - WBO Oriental Heavyweight Title

Izuagbe Ugonoh vs Ricardo Humberto Ramirez Live
10 Rounds WBO Africa heavyweight title

David Letele vs Jae jae Smith Live
4 Rounds Heavyweight Division

Bowyn Morgan vs Kris George Live
Welterweight Division

Joshua Hatherley vs Ricky Murphy Live
Super Welterweight Division

Naz Khanjani vs Lily Taurau Live
This could be one of the shortest fight nights in the history of boxing. Two corporate fights, 2 six? rounders, and two quick KO's by Izu and Parker. I might have time to get in the whole NRL game between the Cowboys and Bulldogs.
Thankfully the quality of the fights make up for it.
Yep matchmaking at its finest, how many of you...... Blah blah, keyboard critics? No just boxing fans expected to pay $39.95 for this tripe.
Don't know if it's the matchmaking as much as top quality and number of fights from NZ and OZ.  Could care less about the women, and I'm well over Buttabean.
Top quality? I just think they thought the south is starved of boxing so they'll pay to watch anything. Apparently its a near sell out, incredible. You'd have to have money to burn to order this shit on ppv.
I'm no Duco hater, but credit where credit is due, and criticism where criticism is due.
I was happy with the fights up to and including Meehan, but Martz and Bergman were shit. Takam was a good fight. Now we have another shit one.

Parker is now in a position where he is mandated to fight AJ by January of next year. Time is critical. Every fight after the Takam fight should have been at least top 20 level. This fight should never have been made, it is a joke, and a very poor decision considering the position Parker is in. He is the IBF mandatory, it will be far easier now to match him against top level opposition without having to pay them through the roof because the mandatory spot is the prize, not the money.
There are plenty of people happy to pitch in a few bucks and head round to a mates place to help out with the cost of the PPV. Considering the crazy costs of going to the movies, relatively speaking this is a cheap night in. I for one won't be watching this on Sky. The TAB has rightly put the odds at $1.01, and that sums up the fight, however you spin it.
I reckon that as a keep active, mid week fight its not an absolute shocker. It should be free to air though, especially with the crap undercard.
Each to their own if they want to pay for it, but as a developmental fight for Parker, it's atrocious.

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