Errol Spence Jr
(04-21-2016, 04:55 PM)craigyid14 Wrote: I dunno, I'm a bit old school. I'd like GGG to just dominate at middle for the rest of his career.

I'm not saying he shouldn't but he needs those mega fights to break into the mainstream. From Martinez through to Canelo the trend has continued. He is too big a risk for the reward. Even the other middleweight belt holders and contenders may choose to step around him and face each other.
I think GGG/Alvarez is inevitable somewhere down the line (that's of coarse if the unthinkable doesn't happen vs Khan).
I can also see it happening in the future but just not next. You can already see that De La Hoya and Golden Boy posturing to avoid Golovkin. They'll probably take a unification to keep GGG on the outside for awhile longer
Anyone see Spence vs Algeri last nite? Spence is tough, tough, tough in a great division. I can see him being champ. On the undercard, the Polish cruiser Glowacki knocked Cunningham down 4 times to keep his title. Great fight, and Cunningham had his moments...

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