Poll: Who you got Shane or kali
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Who you got Shane or Kali
Who you got to take this out and how
I have a weird feeling that Shane will take this one. From the super8 event it seems that Kali has 3 or 4 rounds in him, if Shane's comes out of those well enough, he can win it. Of course he doesn't move his head or defend himself most of the time, which probably accounts for the even spread of the poll.
I think Shane has stamina issues now and I think Meehan stops him in about 8
Craig, I see it the other way around.  I think Shane outworks him, as I see Kali running out of puff in the middle rounds.  Also, Shane will be able to land first, as I see Kali as slow.  Come on, he's what, 44 years old?
I really hope Cameron wins, I'm just not sure how much he's got left. Kali (who in my opinion was a little lucky in the super 8, against Hunter Sam anyway) seems to have a new lease of life. Its a hard one to call, as are all the fights on the bill. Probably the best NZ boxing card for as long as I can remember.
Wow- was I the ONLY one to vote for Kali by decision? Can't actually claim to have had any special insight..

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