Lucas Browne Maybe Stripped of Title
Everyone has an excuse when caught, I hope it is true or Lucas has been done a massive injustice

A bit weird that he'd test positive for a weight loss drug just before the fight though?
I think it was suss too but who knows whether he was guilty or not really, we probably never will know for sure.
But I do know 6 months is away better than two years and he actually has enough credibility to get a decent fight in by the end of the year maybe?
Two years or any more probably would have finished him at his age
I think he's been stitched up. He tested negaive days before the fight by VADA then positive to a weight stripper after the fight, so he would've had to buy clenbuterol in Russia or smuggle it in.. He claims he went to a big launch party dinner event a couple of nights befoe the fight and he and Brian Minto (the only other foreign fighter) were given celebratory steaks, nobody else got one apparently. Would be interesting to see if Minto was tested afterwards and what the result was. Either way, 6 months is not really a ban going by Browne's career.
The fighter is responsible for what goes into his body.
I believe he was stitched up but still when you go to fight in Russia you gotta be super carefull and unfortunately for Browne he wasn't. The upside is his ban is only 6 months so he will live to fight another day.

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