Welcome to the forum.
have to say Im finding the group pretty hostile and quiet so far. Why was I banned initially for posting a thread about Robbie Berridge?
Hostile and quiet.....please explain mate
(02-04-2015, 03:38 PM)shamrock Wrote: Hostile and quiet.....please explain mate

I was banned right off the bat for posting a tread about Robbie Berridge. Then when without explanation I was let back in, the first thread I posted I was labelled a cunt
Who on here would use language like that and get away with it ...
die can i be a senior member too?
Ibeabuchi, I don't have you down as being banned. Not sure what you are on about. Regardless, please post!

Fai, you gotta work for that senior member. Start posting.
Ahem cough cough....it's the islander in you fai, always looking for gifts...
sham in 2014 you tried to convert me to join your religion, you're still trying mate lol..btw good to see you're well and healthy not bad for a senior member lol..
Haha and it's really good to see you again on here Superman.. for awhile I thought you were back inside again lol Have a good rest of 2015 mate and keep away from those Irish girls haha God's blessings
haha very funny sham..this new web site is cooler than coolio..lol..you could see the green eye next to your username lol..i bet ya stormy pop eye is red rather lol

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