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Canelo/Plant Done. - diehard - 09-22-2021

RE: Canelo/Plant Done. - diehard - 09-22-2021

Already started fighting:

RE: Canelo/Plant Done. - bart - 09-22-2021

good stuff hopefully will be a decent challenge for Canelo he needs one while he waits for GGG to grow old

RE: Canelo/Plant Done. - diehard - 09-22-2021

Here's the fight a little after the 3 minute mark:

RE: Canelo/Plant Done. - Steven - 09-24-2021

Damn. Canelo is FAST. The cut was only because of the sunglasses, the big thing there is Canelo gave Plant two solid slaps in the time it took Plant to miss one...that has got to put some doubt in his head.

RE: Canelo/Plant Done. - diehard - 09-25-2021

Good to see you Steven! Plant does have reach on him, but doesn't have nearly the resume as Canelo. Look for a mid round KO.

RE: Canelo/Plant Done. - Steven - 09-26-2021

I am always around Diehard, I really enjoy the discussions that happen here. Just rarely feel I have anything worthwhile to add.