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Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-20-2021

Yep, we're getting it free in NZ, starting at 1PM-5PM on Channel 53, Sky Sport 3.  Enjoy!

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-20-2021

welter Manny Pacquiao 62 7 2
Yordenis Ugas 26 4 0
World Boxing Association Super World Welter Title

feather Mark Magsayo 22 0 0
Julio Ceja 32 4 1

feather Carlos Castro 26 0 0
Oscar Escandon 26 5 0
vacant World Boxing Council Continental Americas Feather Title (supervisor: Duane Ford)

welter Victor Ortiz 32 6 3
Robert Guerrero 36 6 1

light Frank Martin 13 0 0
Ryan Kielczweski 30 5 0

light Jose Valenzuela 8 0 0
Donte Strayhorn 12 3 0

feather John Dato 14 0 1
Angel Antonio Contreras 11 4 2

heavy Steven Torres 4 0 0
Justin Rolfe 6 2 1

super middle Burley Brooks 6 2 0
Cameron Sevilla Rivera 9 6 3

light Mickel Clements debut
Eliseo Villalobos 1 1 0

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-20-2021

Mora to ref Pacquiao-Ugas

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

The NSAC has assigned referee Russell Mora Jr. to work Saturday’s Manny Pacquiao vs. Yordenis Ugas fight on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Mora has previously been assigned to fights for both Pacquiao and Ugas. Judges assigned are NSAC regulars Dave Moretti, Patricia Morse Jarman, and Steve Weisfeld.

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-21-2021

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-22-2021

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-22-2021

Pacquiao-Ugas Undercard Results

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Opening up the FOX Sports PPV card undefeated Carlos Castro (27-0, 12 KOs) of Phoenix was impressive in scoring a stoppage over Colombian slugger Oscar Escandon (26-6, 18 KOs) in the tenth and final round.

Getting started right away, Escandon and Castro tested each other with solid punches in the opening round. Escandon attacked inside backing Castro to the ropes early on. In the fourth, Castro shot a straight right hand snapping Escandon’s head. Boxing away in the fifth, Castro circled the ring as Escandon stalked looking for the power shot.

Past the halfway point towards the end of the sixth round, Castro backed Escandon to the ropes with a series of shots as the Columbian appeared to be staggering to his corner. A solid right hand by Castro in the seventh hurt Escandon as he kept fighting and slipped. The action continued in the center as Escandon was not done throwing looping haymakers as Castro boxed. Late in the fight, sticking to plan, Castro kept boxing in the eighth as Escandon continued to be the aggressor. Keeping his distance away from the power of the Colombian, Castro fought conservatively and then hurt Escandon and put him away with a combination. Escandon beat the count, but then went to a knee forcing the referee to stop the fight at 1:08 of the tenth.

Angel Contreras (11-4-2, 6 KOs) of Monterrey, Mexico handed Filipino featherweight John Dato (14-1-1, 9 KOs) his first defeat via unanimous decision. Starting off trading in the opening round, Dato and Contreras did not shy away from exchanging. In round two, Contreras connected with a solid right hand. A snapping right uppercut by Contreras dropped Dato in round three as he got up and continued to fight. Dato was bloodied as Contreras pressed him throughout the fight. Late in the final round, Dato attacked but appeared to be too late. The Mexican kept firing away standing and trading to the final bell. The judges scored the bout 78-73, 77-74, and 77-74.

Making his pro debut, Mikel Clements (1-0) of Union City, California won a unanimous decision over Eliseo Villalobos (1-2) of Simi Valley, California. Exchanging solidly in the opening round, Clements and Villalobos did not hold back. Clements connected with a solid left hook in round two. Clements was impressive en route to the decision win.

Dallas super middleweight Burley Brooks (6-2-1, 5 KOs) and Camero Rivera (9-6-4, 6 KOs) battled to a draw in a six round bout. Brooks and Rivera had solid exchanges throughout the fight and finished strong. The judges scored the bout 59-55 Brooks 58-56 Rivera, and 57-57 even.

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-22-2021

Pacquiao-Ugas Undercard Results

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

Undefeated Filipino featherweight Mark Magsayo (23-0, 16 KOs) scored a huge knockout over former world champion Julio Ceja (32-5-1, 28 KOs) of Mexico in a WBC title eliminator. Seconds into the fight, a flush left hook to the kisser by the Filipino Magsayo dropped Ceja. Letting his hands go in the second, Magsayo displayed the hand speed and boxed as Ceja pressed. In the third, Ceja attacked inside attacking the body and connecting with short hooks up top. Ceja continued to attack on the inside in round four as he appeared to slow down Magsayo’s groove.

Staying close in the fifth, Ceja continued to attack Magsayo as he appeared to slow down the Filipino’s pace knocking him down in the final seconds. In the sixth, Ceja stayed on top of Magsayo cutting off the ring and going downstairs to the body. Momentum appeared to be going Ceja’s way past the halfway point in the seventh as he continued to chop down the Filipino. Magsayo stuck the jab and kept his distance as the Mexican continued to stalk and work his way inside digging the body.

Ceja continued to press in the ninth with hard shots as Magsayo kept boxing from a distance. Magsayo attacked early to start the tenth, a huge right knocked Ceja out cold. The referee immediately waved off the fight at 50 seconds of the tenth.

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - bart - 08-22-2021

Good main event
correct decision

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-22-2021

Ugas defeats Pacquiao, retains WBA title

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

WBA welterweight super champion Yordenis Ugas (27-4, 12 KOs) won a twelve round unanimous decision over ring legend Manny Pacquiao (62-8-2, 39 KOs) on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. As expected, it was a tactical affair. Pacquiao was aggressive and often swarmed Ugas. The cagey Ugas was more accurate, but less active. Ugas closed the fight strong. Judges had it 115-113, 116-112, 116-112.

Slated to fight on the co-feature, the 35-year-old Ugás came in as the replacement after welterweight champion Errol Spence, Jr. was forced to withdraw due to an eye injury. Ugas capitalized on the opportunity.

Pacquiao attacked from the start unloading a combination backing up Ugas. The Cuban was able to time Pacquiao’s speed as he connected with a straight right set up by the jab. In what was a very intense opening round. Studying each other in the second, Pacquiao and Ugas simmered it down. Ugas sneaked in a hard right hand in the third, Pacquiao continued with the intensity going right at Ugas. In the fourth round, referee Russell Mora warned Ugas for a low blow, Pacquiao continued to attack but Ugas remained poised, boxing patiently behind the jab.

Ugas connected on Pacquiao with the right hand numerous times in the fifth but Pacquiao continued with his furious assault. It appeared to be a chess match to begin the sixth but Ugas connected with a thumping right hand, Pacquiao responded with an offensive assault to close the round. The Cuban fighter connected once again with the right hand as he was timing Pacquiao’s offense. Pacquiao continued his offensive attack as Ugas appeared to be timing too much, lacking offense but connecting with bold shots.

In the ninth, Pacquiao stepped up his attack as he appeared more confident in his approach, Ugas was limited with his offense. Pacquiao backed Ugas up in the tenth as he continued his attack. The twelfth and final round saw Ugas land a hard right hand that sent Pacquiao across the ring, Ugas continued to tag Pacquiao with the right hands as he finished the fight strong.

Pacman threw more than twice the number of punches as Ugas (815-405), but was way less accurate. Ugas landed 59% of his power shots according to Compubox, outlanding Pacman 101-88.

RE: Pacman/Ugas. Sunday. Free - diehard - 08-22-2021

Great fight. Right man won. Ugas was just too big. Looked like a middleweight.