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Also has the Klit/Lewis fight:

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Great video of Shavers/Young:

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The Colonel Retires

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Hall of Fame broadcaster Colonel Bob Sheridan, who has called the biggest fights since 1970, including the Rumble in the Jungle, Muhammad Ali v George Foreman, has decided to hang up the microphone for health reasons.

“This is the last farewell,” Sheridan told®. “I am retiring as of the 1st of October here in the United States of America. I have had a really rough year with disease and the passing of my wife, the late Annie Kelly, and I have made the decision along with my three sons to take a back seat for a while.

“Over the weekend while I was in hospital in Las Vegas, I was given the final rites – meaning I could have been close to death. I don’t think I am. You can’t kill a cockroach and they can’t kill the Colonel. With that in mind and taking everything into consideration, and the fact I have just recovered from a gunshot wound I have decided to semi-retire. My boys will take overall boxing issues. They will take over the farms and the trucking business.

“I also would like the thank Father McCabe – the Archbishop from Boston and Father Steven from the hospital in Las Vegas. I am not done. I just want to pick and choose what I want to do. My mind is still sharp and while my mind is still sharp – I will work. The man above is in charge. I learned that this week when I was given the last rites by Father Steven in hospital. I was shot over a month ago in California and was in the Cedar Sinai hospital and I have been under twelve physicians.

“My thanks to® for your support over the years and thanks to the boxing fans around the world for your support for over fifty years. It has been fantastic to broadcast some of the greatest fights of all time.”

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