Full Version: Parker/Chisora
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depends on where (organisation wise) Joe wants to go, he has been loyal to WBO and they generally to him. So does he wait to fight the winner of Usyk v JJ for a possible fragmented belt ..
He is also ranked 6 by WBA and IBF
Again I think he is best just to go hard fight in big fights and a title chance is a bonus.
Def Usyk / Joyceis the opportunity arises
Whyte 2 Revenge
Ruiz as it is a high level and interesting fight... do it in US
anyone else in top 10.
If JP beats Chisora it is very likely he faces Usyk for the WBO belt.

A great matchup
I'd love to see Joe fight Ruiz again for a title. Both ex champs, nice guys and history between them. Should be a easy fight to sell
Ruiz is in top 5 in three alphabets, so it would be a significant fight. Both have new trainers, so it would be interesting. Personally, I'd rather him fight Whyte or the Usyk/Joyce winner and be in line for a title fight.
Not sure about planning for titles
Fury and AJ could possibly have them tied up for 2 years, unless after fight 1 some are stripped- would open things up if they were but all depends on $$$ fees
I guess what I meant is that he shouldn't focus on getting a title as much as fighting guys in the top 5, which carries mandatories (maybe), better rating if he wins, and more money if he can get Hearn or someone like him to promote it. Lots of good quality fights out there.
Surely, SURELY Parker is due a good performance and will blast Chisora out of there, SURELY?

But why do I have the feeling we will be sitting there going into the last 3rd of the fight with them neck and neck after a messy, ugly fight.
I can easily see Parker staying outside and playing it safe all fight

Ironically, even if he gets a boring win he is still likely to face Usyk for the WBO

But then I have to ask myself if being a Parker fan is worthwhile

I am looking for something more than "playing it safe"
i don't overly care now just want a win... fairly nervous can see chisora bulling JP
I have faith in Andy Lee
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