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I guess this is PPV in NZ?

Or not??
(11-11-2021, 03:41 PM)Kiwi Wrote: [ -> ]I guess this is PPV in NZ?

Or not??

You'd think, as it was last time. Soon as I know, I'll post it. If it's on DAZN, we'll still have to pay. Here's hoping it's free on SKY.
It will be PPV on either Sky sport or Spark sport.
ppv def prob through sky and dazn?
Yep, ppv is what I'm thinking. Maybe $30? Come on Eddie, make me happy!
Joseph Parker's trainer senses a changed fighter
Duncan Johnstone

Joseph Parker took Derek Chisora’s barbs on the chin at the media opportunity in Manchester.
Joseph Parker’s trainer Andy Lee senses a changed fighter under his command as the Kiwi heavyweight prepares for his rematch with Derek Chisora.

Parker takes on Chisora on December 19 (NZT) in Manchester, looking to put an exclamation mark on his contentious points win over the rugged Brit last May.

Parker and Lee had little time to prepare for the opening fight against Chisora and Lee feels their partnership has blossomed, believing they are well ahead with their preparations for this sequel.

“We only had five weeks last time, it just wasn’t enough time to affect any change or embed any habits or instincts we were trying to work on,” Lee said as the two fighters faced the media in Manchester.

“This time Joseph has a greater understanding of what we’re trying to do, it’s as much about the mindset as it is about the technical side.

“It will be a good fight, I’ve seen a change in Joseph from the last fight and compared to the work we’ve done in between, he’s definitely focused.”

An impressive win is crucial to Parker’s hopes of pushing on for a second world title chance after he owned the WBO belt from late 2016 until early 2018.

“I think Joseph sees an opportunity for himself, the way the heavyweight division is now. Joe fully believes when he gets past Chisora, he’s right there with any of them. I have no qualms with putting him in with anybody,” Lee said, before qualifying that last statement.

“He’ll never fight Tyson Fury because they’re as close to brothers, but anybody else in that division I’d be very comfortable with putting Joseph in with them. I’m looking forward to the fight and for Joe to show exactly what he can do.”

Chisora has gone back to his old coach David Coldwell after having American Buddy McGirt oversee his last fight against Parker. Lee knows Coldwell well and believes he will add even more intensity to Chisora for this bout.

“Having David in the opposite corner brings a bit of trepidation to me, Dave was in my corner for two or three of the biggest fights of my career. I know what he brings, the knowledge he has ... when you’re someone like Chisora small adjustments can make a big change.

“That’s probably what they’ll be looking to do. Chisora isn’t going to come out and box, jab and move, he’s going to come forward and bring the fight.

“Small adjustments will make a big change, so we have to be ready for that. That’s what we’re preparing to do.

“But Joe’s working extremely hard, and we’re well ahead of schedule. I’m very happy.”

Lee has also been working with budding Kiwi cruiserweight David Nyika who will fight on the undercard in his second professional fight against an opponent still to be named.

Nyika says he’s soaking up everything he can in his new environment, on the back of two Commonwealth Games golds and an Olympic bronze medal.

“I feel very privileged to be here, I’m in the heart of professional boxing here, so this is a massive opportunity for me. I’m looking to put myself on notice in the cruiserweight division,” Nyika said of this high-profile opportunity.

“I think there’s a lot more to professional boxing than I initially thought, I feel like I’m rebuilding Rome starting to work with Andy Lee.

“I’m in great company with the likes of Joseph Parker, the Fury’s are in camp, I’m a sponge right now and this is a great opportunity for me to grow, learn and develop as a boxer – also as a person.”
McKean targets Parker in 2022

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

WBO #11, IBF #12 heavyweight Demsey McKean (20-0, 13 KOs) stopped Don Haynesworth (16-8-1, 14 KOs) in six rounds in Manchester, New Hampshire last Friday and should be back in action in February and later in 2022 could challenging former WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker. McKean spoke to®.

“I was happy to get six rounds and the stoppage,” said McKean. “I really didn’t have a training camp for that fight as I was in training with AJ and then Dillian Whyte for about a month and two weeks with my coach Tony Sims. I had a week with the trainer in Philadelphia over here. I had three weeks sparring in the USA. I have had different coaches pretty much since I left Australia. I was crook on fight week with the flu. My fight kit didn’t arrive for my fight. Pretty much everything that could go wrong went wrong.

“I am looking forward to my next fight that should be in February. I’m sure Eddie Hearn and Angelo DiCarlo will get their heads together and get a good opponent. A step-up fight. We want to have three fights fairly quickly. Three fights in six months I think is the aim.

“After the three fights it will be a bigger name and that could be Joseph Parker. We just want to get the experience of fighting overseas. I will build up a relationship with new trainer Tony Sims. The next fight will be in the UK or possibly Europe.

“I am in New York at the moment doing a bit of sightseeing. This is my first time in the USA. We were in Philadelphia for about a week and a half. I catch up with George Kambosos tomorrow and back to London on Sunday.
What's going on with the buildup to this fight?

A little too quiet.....
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