Full Version: AJ/Fury Done!
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All sounds good but I watched an interview with the Gareth guy who said there is 30 days now to decided where -when and hows, if no agreement made fight could be off..
Hope not
Will be Middle East 99%
Won't be 100% till they touch gloves
Bart, I've got confidence it'll happen. Don't know why. Maybe the hype...
Yeah especially if no crowds in UK. they would sell out Wembley or cardiff and make $$
But Saudi they are assured the money
Maybe fight 2 could be UK
Its about 42C during the day and 30C at night in Saudi at that time of year. So assume it will be inside.
Ouch thats hot, will def need air con
I will be surprised if this does happen in July. From what I can tell from recent interviews there still seems to be a legal case for Wilder Fury 3 going on that may at the least delay Fury Joshua.
There is talk of major step a side $ for Wilder
Does anyone have Joshua as favourite? I think this fight leans heavily towards Fury. I can see Tyson getting in AJs head and putting off his usual game
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