Gothe, Westy, what are we going to do about the Warriors?  Pitiful performance.  Next year.
Well the star playmaker was out injured along with two of their best forwards and hooker , so what's the answer drop Hurrell who is their main line breaker.
Gee what a surprise we didn't score a point!

We've been making up the numbers for weeks now Die.
It makes one appreciate how great Shaun Johnson is carrying this lot all season.
A month ago we were the best attacking side in the comp.

Anyway a big clean out is on the cards , new team , clean slate .
I would like it to be a new coach too. I don't rate Cappy.
But it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

We will never get a top Aussie coach to come over here. I reckon Kearney is the man for the job.
One day he will coach the warriors to the premiership
Cappy was on the radio yesterday and was quite harsh in his views of the culture, fitness and recruitment at the Warriors. He stood by dropping Hurrell, saying publicly his effort on defense was inexcusable.
Hoffman, Luke, RTS and possibly Johnson are the only guys that could press for a start in ANY team, and Bodene Thompson has been great and none of them are playing right now. Kata is a talent, but he must have missed at least as many tackles as Hurrell. Chad is throwing the ball on the ground behind the attack 3-4 times a game, and his kicking is rubbish. Next season..
This season - if Hoffman is fit, make him captain. Put Tomkins to 6 and drop Townsend. Get the ball wide quicker - the passing has been slow and obvious. Too easy to defend
Not promising at the moment
Don't think changing the coach is a good idea though gothe....20 years and how many coaches?... I have a family member who is playing first grade in the Warriors and professionalism like they say is not up to scratch... I say for once we back our coach and our ceo, Cappy is still clearing out the problems that have been there for quite some time...won't happen over night but will happen......Townsend I agree needs to go. Tompkins to 6 and Lolohea to seven with Fish to the back....
To me, Tomkins is worthless. No tries, comes in late after tries have been scored. I'd add Matulino and Mannering to your list of players who would make any team.

What I don't understand about Hurrell is that they worked with him during the three weeks he was suspended, and then he's not improved when he comes on. He either doesn't listen or care, or his skills aren't there. Manu gave up the first try by coming in early, something he's done throughout his career. AND, he caught the ball over the try line, and then passed back out instead of putting it down.

But yeah, Bodene and Hoffman are killing us by not playing. Do you think Hoffman would have played if it was Origin instead of the Dragons?

The Warriors have a lazy, give up culture when things aren't going right. With no clue on what to do on 5th tackle.
ThePaulz, when you say professionalism is not up to scratch. Can you give us more details???
Senior players turning up to training late die was a big one, also Chappy has come out and said players coming back over the break 10-15kgs overweight....sounds like a no care factor to me die. Hence the reason I believe we have got the right people moving forward ie Cappy and Doyle....
Love Doyle and want to love Cappy. But if he can't get the players to come to training on time and in shape after the break, he has not control or authority over them. The reason I have issues with Cappy is that he always blames the kids, and the senior players are the ones not setting the example.

Is it ok to say this on the Warrior webpage, without mentioning any names. Not looking to dob them in as much as expose them as a major part of the problem. The average Warrior fan doesn't know this, the commentators at the AfterMatch protect the senior players (Awen, Monty, etc.), and I think the game should be up with how they are earning their keep.
Already been said and done on their die, on the Warriors forum anyway...can't really blame Cappy as this was what the case was when matt Elliott took over so this stuff must have been going on for some time now. There have been some huge improvements in the Warriors since Cappy has taken over, and I think he can do better....I ain't blowing his trumpet but I can assure u I have been gob smacked by some of his selections just as much as others have....but another coach??? If it was to be Bellamy or Bennett then by all means yes and Cappy back to assistant but if not them then stick with Cappy....I do believe iro needs to go not to sure why he was brought back in the first place
Thepaulz, I can't understand why the senior players can't get together and lay down some ground rules about how to behave like a professional. I'm sure Friend, Hoffman, Mannering, and a few others would go for it. Throw in some ex-players like Wiki, Betham, and Stacey and you have a formidable group.

Can't see how these players who come to training late and show up overweight respect the coach or the fans. Certainly not playing for each other. And you can see it on the field when they become mentally undisciplined.

I think that culture started with Bluey, not Elliott.

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