Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker 'blessed' to watch Mayweather-Pacquiao fight live

Kiwi heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker is in Las Vegas to watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight live.

Joseph Parker's heart says a Manny Pacquiao win, but his head cannot go past Floyd Mayweather Junior.

New Zealand's promising young heavyweight will be one of the 16,500 people who will attend the glamour boxing event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon (NZ time).

"Watching Floyd over the years, he is at a different level. He has perfected a style that has worked for him. He's fast accurate and defensive," Parker said.

"I'm very excited. Tickets were very hard to get a hold of so I feel very blessed. The atmosphere and vibe will be amazing."

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Parker was able to get tickets through contacts of his Las Vegas-based trainer Kevin Barry. It will be his fourth time watching a Mayweather fight live at an arena.

"His good mates always look after him and he looks after me, so it is great."

Parker was not aware of the value of the tickets but said he would be sitting with UFC president Dana White and expected to be relatively close to the action.

Ring-side tickets have reportedly been snapped this week for an astonishing $350,000.

Parker said the buildup in Las Vegas was surreal.

"It is the most crazy I have seen a build up to a boxing fight. The lead-up to it with the press conference and weigh-in has been unreal. Even the weigh-in people have to pay money to attend. People are coming to Vegas who don't have tickets, but are just coming for the buzz."

For his own personal development as a boxer, he felt attending these types of big fights helped provide inspiration.

"The whole event makes you want to train harder and it motivates you to push yourself so one day you can be there."

Parker has a 13 win, zero loss record in the professional ranks. His next fight will be in Palmerston North on June 13. The opponent is yet to be named.

He will also fight in Invercargill on August 1.

 - The Southland Times
Nah, sour grapes. You know you wish it was you that was there instead of Parker. I wish the same. But hey, let's name his next opponent.
About 5 weeks out. We need an opponent for Baby Joseph...
I heard the other day that an opponent had been confirmed, but they haven't made the announcement yet. Taller than Joseph

Better not be Julius Long
Taller? Razvan Cojanu?
Won't be Eric Molina. He's fighting Wilder next month:

2015-06-13 Deontay Wilder 33(32)-0-0

Bartow Arena, Birmingham, Alabama, USA 12

Parker on their list....
Good find, cranky.

Where or where is Parker's opponent?
Jamal Woods maybe... he'll fight anyone.

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