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Rapira retires, again

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29 mins ·
Sorry whanau. Last night I lost. Lolo showed me again he cares about my health by throwing in the towel in the 8th round. I was not going to come back, and was taking unnecessary punishment. Lolo gave me every opportunity to turn it around. I couldn’t. He knew I would keep trying till I died. One of my best qualities as a fighter, is also my biggest weakness. At least I can say, I finished on my feet. This was the third time I was stopped in my time as a fighter, in 84 fights. All from the corner throwing in the towel. For my own safety.

Last night I joined a long list of fighters that just stayed in the game for too long. I was warned by some friends and family about changing what would have been a great career finish last year. My heart was there last night, but the body wasn’t. When you start losing to guys that the old you would have blasted out the water, it’s not the best feeling.

I want to thank Ratu for the battle, and wish him all the best in his future. He is top dog at light-heavyweight now, so will be a wanted man.

I’m going where I belong, back in to retirement. Everything happens for a reason, and I am done. Boxing is not a sport that you can should carry on at any level when you start declining.

I want to thank every one of my supporters. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do it last night. That’s life.

Terror out. For good

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