Professional Boxing in NZ
Berridges career seems in free fall. This time last year he was (along with Parker) ducos major attraction. Now he's fighting Samoan journeyman Toga Letoa in Melbourne and a few weeks later kiwi novice Andrew Robinson in rural NZ. How much can he be getting paid? NZ$1000 for each fight? Oh well at least he's getting back on the horse, and keeping busy. Looks fit as though.
Saw him spar the other week and he looked very sharp. First fight back since a devastating setback so cant complain with 2 solid keep busy fights. Robinson coming off a good win on foreign turf against a solid prospect.....
I guess without Duco he doesn't have a decent match maker to get the good fights. Time will tell I guess.

He probably wants to stay busy at this stage and pad the record a bit
True mippy. Without Duco, he's gonna have to get lucky to get some decent fights outside NZ and OZ.
Sky might do a better job than duco, they have people in the business on their payroll, and they have the resources to back it.. more fight nous than duco as well I believe.
(02-28-2015, 10:59 AM)diehard Wrote: True mippy.  Without Duco, he's gonna have to get lucky to get some decent fights outside NZ and OZ.

Believe it or not there are other matchmakers in the region who have links overseas Die....
I DO believe it, Daneo.  Certainly Tua and Cameron have done it without Duco.  And I'm sure others have too.  The problem is that Berridge had a sub-par performance in the US, is not ranked anymore, and lost a key connection with Duco.  So all I'm saying is that he needs to get lucky to get a good fight overseas while based in NZ.  I wish him well.  He's one of my favourite fighters, and he's improved himself both personally and professionally.  

What would I do if I were Berridge?  Probably look to re-match Blake Caparello or someone top ranked in OZ, win, and then use that as a platform to fight a top 15 guy and get back in the mix.  Caparello just won the Asia Pacific title.  Berridge has power, and he's a southpaw.  Good combination.  And a team he trusts.
This may be old news to some but I hadn't seen it linked on any of the threads...
The most interesting thing in that article was the claim of Tua vs Meehan at the end of the year.
Sounds like double talk. Lonergan is saying that it's useless for Parker to fight Meehan, and then the article says that Duco reached out to them. Regardless, Meehan is a bad match-up for Parker. Meehan is a dangerous, 44 year old journeyman who gives Parker nothing if Parker wins. As Lonergan says, it doesn't improve his rankings.

Good find, justafan, and it's new news. Can't see Tua fighting anybody anymore. Too fat, too mentally weak now, too old, and has lost his last two matches. Stay retired, David. You gave us a lot of excitement, but it's over.

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