Professional Boxing in NZ
Berridge has always come across as a bit arrogant and unapproachable, cracking fighter to watch though. I hope he gets back in the ring soon. On a separate note, I played cricket against Steve Kilgallon a little while ago, it was great to talk boxing.
Steve Kilgallon used to post regularly on the Tua website when we were there. He was always quite knowledgable. Yep, I hope Berridge learns from this and changes his attitude. Sometimes you need to fall off your throne to learn how to get back up. That arrogant attitude came form somewhere, hope he gets it sorted.
Berridge has shown an arrogant side even from his amateurs.... aggressive as well. But sometimes that combination can work for a fighter, it has done for many over the history of the game. They should not touch alcohol
Never meet Berridge but he does seem an interesting character.
Seems to be the sort of guy that wears his heart on his sleave and will sometimes say the wrong things but you have to be a bit impressed with how he has dealt with it.
He's not with Duco so he doesn't have some big pr machine behind him telling him what to say so his response to a bad situation seems genuine.
Hope he gets back, love watching him fight.
On a side note, I wonder if he had have won that fight in the states if Duco still would have let him go or tried to cover it up???
Some people simply shouldn't drink, I'm one of them and it appears Robbie is one as well.

It's a shame he's split with Duco, they could have opened some doors for him. Understandable though.
Sounds like he's manning up and owning his mistakes, cant ask for more than that. He's climbed the rankings before I'm sure he can do it again...
Robbie would have only gone so far, both personally and professionally, with that attitude. Alcohol or no alcohol. His loss, and subsequent meltdown at the Fight for Life, should be seen as a blessing in disguise, as it gives him a chance to exorcise his demons and confront his issues. AND, improve his boxing skills.

Personally, I'm cheering him on as a person and as a boxer.
Lonergan: SBW will not fight Parker

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

New Zealand boxing promoter Dean Lonergan, who helps guide the career of WBA #10,WBO #11 heavyweight Joseph Parker and London Olympian WBA #14, WBO #11 welterweight Jeff Horn talked to Fightnews about a possible Joseph Parker vs. Sonny Bill Williams fight and what is scheduled for Parker and Horn in 2015

“Sonny Bill Williams would never fight Joe as he gets knocked out in one or two rounds. I have been chasing Lucas Browne for two years. It’s fair to say he is elusive,” said Lonergan.

“We are very, very excited by the prospects of both Jeff Horn and Joseph Parker this year. It’s going to be a massive and challenging year for both of them. We intend to push them both hard up the ranking by testing them against the best we can secure. In the second half of the year.”
I love 'the second half of the year'. Pettaway is written off and so is his next to be announced opponent, there both still be 40 bucks ppv though.

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