Mega Fight On!!
Has just been confirmed for May 2nd, pacquiao vs  mayweather.. Who you guys picking.
Reminds me of Tyson vs Holyfield. They should have fought at least 5 years ago. Mayweather is 38 and Pacman 36. Still, it'll be fun to watch. Will there be circus acts?

Thepaulz, always good to hear from you in OZ, and thanks for the find.
pacman/roach beats mayweather/mayweather,
Nope, Pacman hasn't been himself in his last couple of fights. Money KOs Pacman.
I can't see him koing pacman, he has only stopped Ortiz in nearly eight years of fighting. And let's face it, Ortiz has been stopped every time he's stepped up.
Crazy prices for the fight I tell yah lol. Read an article saying that within 15 mins of the announcement MGM sold out accomodation wise. Some ticket prices from 8000 to 10000.

I really hope Pacquiao does the business, just because of his humbleness, but as Freddie said, pacman no longer has that killer instinct.

Yeah thanks Die, since moved here been hard to get posting, browse everyday between my jobs, good to see everyone here still kicking.... I hope Storm or Sham are not the gunman being hunted in Hamilton by the Popo's
Keen for this fight. I think Floyd should win comfortably on points, but I'd love to be proven wrong.
Sweet! I booked a room at the MGM Grand for May 2 on points a month or so back, and another room for a couple days on either side across the road at the Tropicana... Still, even with that covered, bet the tkts won't be anywhere near affordable...
Even if you don't get a ticket just being in Vegas will be incredible, the build up and the weigh in.

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