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Saunders-Lemieux reaching fever pitch

WBO world middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (25-0, 12 KOs) and former IBF champion David Lemieux (38-3, 33 KOs) hosted their final press conference Thursday for their WBO World Middleweight Championship fight that will take place on HBO this upcoming Saturday at Place Bell in Laval, Québec.

Billy Joe Saunders: “David has to come from round one and try to knock me out. Because when he’s eating fresh air, he’s very injury prone. But what I don’t want from David’s team are excuses. David is a good fighter, he’s mixed it with Golovkin at a very elite level. But some boxers are not quite enough to be at that elite level. And David, you’re not quite good enough. Am I good enough? We’ll soon see. In my own mind, I know I can deal with it, and then with Golovkin or Canelo, we’ll see where I really am.”

David Lemieux: “The time to talk is over and now it’s time to let the fists do the talk and show you who the real world champion is. A lot of things are going to happen on Saturday, but my promise to you is that by the time I will leave Place Bell, I will have the WBO belt on me. I will be world champion. I’m ready to give you guys a great evening of boxing. Saunders made a lot of promises, about his chin, about his purse, and that’s something I haven’t forgotten. Let’s see for how long you will be able to back up those words and put them together again this Saturday.”
Complete shutout where Saunders won every round I thought. Lemeiux could barely land on Saunders.
Can't stand Saunders. But he did what he needed to do. Lemieux didn't show up.

Saunders toys with and defeats Lemieux
In a grudge match, WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (26-0, 12 KOs) dominated former IBF David Lemieux (38-4, 33 KOs) over twelve one-sided rounds on Saturday night at Place Bell in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Hometown favorite Lemieux was never in the fight as he was thoroughly outboxed by Saunders. Scores were 120-108, 117-111, 118-110.

Billy Joe Saunders: “I know you’re booing me because I whooped your fighter’s ass…I wouldn’t have come over here if I thought I’d get beat…I’m a different animal now. I wanted to put it on Lemieux…Canelo fight me NOW!

David Lemieux: “I wasn’t at my best. As of the second round I couldn’t use my left hand the way I wanted to. He was on the run and I had difficulty throwing my shots. I guess his strategy to win is to run away from fighters instead of fighting. If that’s the way you want to win then, hey, congratulations.”
Saunders looked like an elite level boxer tonight. Could have forced a stoppage but content to make lemiux look like a bum.

Would be very interested to see how Alvarez would deal with that style
(12-17-2017, 07:39 PM)diehard Wrote: Can't stand Saunders.  But he did what he needed to do.  Lemieux didn't show up.

Im not a fan of saunders personality but i don't know how much of that was lemieux not showing up and how much was saunders just being on another level skill wise. I saw the real hbo version on youtube with max, lampley and roy jones commentary and they were praising bjs for an amazing performance. The weird version on sky popup were overly critical of what was an exhibition of skill imo.
Not a fan of Saunders either but credit where it is due, he certainly handled Lemieux with ease and made him look incredibly one-dimensional. I know Saunders has been calling out Canelo and GGG for a while now but I think either of these guys knock his head off and probably Daniel Jacobs does too.
You have to remember GGG has been saying he wants all the belts for donkeys years and when Saunders signed the contract last year GGG gave it a miss.

Neither Canelo or GGG like fighting that style so will only fight Saunders for money if the $$$ add up.

Canelo has fought Floyd, Lara and Khan who all made him look average but GGG has never fought a slick fighter, the best mover he fought was Willie Monroe who's pretty much a domestic fighter. I suppose Jacobs moved well too tbh but I thought he beat GGG as well. Jacobs is nowhere near as elusive as Saunders and all GGG could land on him was the jab.

Saunders is a tough fight for anyone and I think he beats them all, but he lost to Eubank Jr IMO and will by a larger margin when they rematch.
I can see saunders giving alvarez all sorts of problems.

Golovkinl, it all depends how much hes hot left

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