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Joshua vs Parker im sure is up next, who are you picking.
Maybe - but we forget a lot of good things about KB.

I think he reads opponents well and comes up with winning game plans. He truly cares about his boxers and brings a lot of contacts and experience.

An important point: Joseph finds a way to win - every time. He may win "ugly" but he does always win.

The All Blacks have "won ugly" many times. Helps make them the best. I hope JP never loses that.
He usually has a good game plan, but always complains that Joe doesn't follow it. He does care about his boxers--until they lose. Not a peep from Izu, who I assume is gone.

I know some trainers who have been with KB, and are appalled at his lack of teaching boxers even the fundamentals for a novice. You're seeing that with Joe.

That aside, Joe was an average amateur. Couldn't even make the Olympics. And KB has turned him into a WBO title holder with an undefeated record. No small achievement. He's done a lot for Parker. But Joe is going backwards, and needs a new trainer.
(11-10-2017, 10:15 PM)Infern0 Wrote:
(11-10-2017, 10:03 PM)Nablonicasso Wrote: You obviously missed Dimitrenko's last bout - he stopped an undefeated up and comer in Granat in the first. Not bad for a 'physically weak' trash fighter.

Parker has had the learning fights and it's time to put it all together. Picking he will do the deed and pull out a late stoppage when behind on the cards.

No I didn't miss it, i've seen almost all of Dimitrenkos fights since Eddie Chambers.

I don't read anything into the Granat fight, as I said Dimitrenko is B- level fighter, Granat may just be a swedish Tye Fields for all we know. 
He reminds me of David Price. Big right hand with no chin.

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