Wilder vs Stiverne
Sunday at 2PM on Sky Sport 2.  Free.
Cheers die,

This will hopefully be interesting IF and only IF Stiverne shows up fit. Wilder needs to have a disciplined plan in place like last time they fought.

Still think Wilder has too much for Stiverne, 80/20 in Wilders favour I reckon.
Wilder fought a very disciplined fight last time will look to do same again
80/20 sounds about right does Stiverne land anything meaningful this time to test Wilders chin..
If wilder performs poorly but wins really opens up the unifying process and gives JP hope
Wilder, Stiverne Workout Pix and Quotes

WBC heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder and former world champion Bermane Stiverne showed off their power and skills at the media workout Wednesday in Brooklyn before they meet in the main event on Saturday from Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Deontay Wilder: “Stiverne is going to see me come to Barclays Center and finish the job on Saturday. He survived the first time. He’s the only one to survive on their feet. This is something that I’ve come back to. I will finish the job this time. Stiverne had a lot of excuses after the last fight. Nobody wants to hear excuses from the loser. He knows what happened. I beat him 12 rounds in a row. I think this fight will be even easier for me. He hasn’t improved since we last fought, but I’m going to show him a whole new Deontay Wilder. This is the end of Bermane Stiverne’s career right here.
“As soon as Anthony Joshua accepts the fight, then I’ll be there. They’re trying to distract people because they know that I’m a danger to anybody’s career. All their excuses have nothing to do with the sport of boxing. The only thing people care about is the best fighting the best, and that’s what I’m trying to do.
“I thought the first Stiverne fight should have been stopped. He had knots all over his faced and was concussed. I’m not trying to leave any doubt this time around. This is my mandatory opponent. I must face him and that’s just what it is. I’ve called out every name in the sport. All the top guys have ducked me, so I just have to take care of the people that are able to get in the ring.”

Bermane Stiverne: “I have no fear heading into this fight. It’s not that I didn’t see the openings in the last fight, I just couldn’t physically perform how I needed to. I had health concerns last fight but now I’ve turned the chapter on that and I’m focused on Saturday night. This is going to be a completely different fight this time around.
“I’m hungry to win. I’m always motivated and excited about getting into the ring, but obviously this is the biggest chance I’m going to have. The stage is set and my destiny is in front of me. I always said I was going to be the first person to beat him, and that is going to come together on Saturday. Everything has been perfect in camp. Deontay is going to be in for a real rude awakening on Saturday. I’m going to let my fists do the talking for me.”

Bermane Stiverne, at 254 pounds, will have a big weight advantage over Deontay Wilder, 220 – but will it help him?

James Slater - November 3, 2017 6 Comments

As fans may have seen, the weights are in for tomorrow’s return meeting between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne. WBC heavyweight ruler Wilder came in at 220 pounds, which is about normal for him, but Stiverne raised plenty of eyebrows by tipping in at a hefty 254.

Stiverne, 25-2-1(21) is a big guy, and he may well have packed on the pounds in an effort to be able to pack more of a wallop, but some people are wondering if the former champ is in top shape, if he’s trained as hard as possible. In comparison to the first fight – held in January of 2015 when Stiverne was the champ and Wilder the challenger – Stiverne weighed-in at a substantially lighter 239.

Both men have exchanged plenty of nasty words ahead of tomorrow’s rematch in New York, with both warriors coming out with distasteful remarks concerning death and their intention to actually killing one another. With genuine bad blood attached, Wilder-Stiverne II might pull in a pretty big crowd as well as TV audience. Wilder is a huge favourite to repeat his 2015 win, but many fans are expecting “The Bronze Bomber” to score the KO this time instead of allowing the older (Stiverne is 39, Wilder 32), terribly inactive challenger to stick around to hear the final bell.

READ Hearn again calls out Wilder for Whyte, says Whyte will fight again in February regardless
Wilder, 38-0(37) is of course looking ahead, if not looking past Stiverne, towards a huge heavyweight unification battle with WBA and IBF champ Anthony Joshua. This match-up, one we all want to see, could be the biggest heavyweight title fight in some years. But can Stiverne spoil the party and derail Wilder? Stiverne is talking a great fight and he is of course durable and tough; being the sole pro fighter to have taken Wilder the distance.

But how long, and how effectively can Stiverne carry those 254 pounds?

Prediction: a far better fight than many are expecting breaks out, with an aggressive Stiverne having his moments of success, maybe even wobbling Wilder, before the older, heavier and slower man runs out of gas. At this juncture Wilder will show no mercy and will stop Stiverne, either with the white towel being thrown in or with the referee diving in. Look for Wilder to get the job done in around seven or eight rounds.
welterweight Shawn Porter 27 2 1 S Adrian Granados 18 5 2

vacant WBC Silver Welterweight Title
heavyweight Dominic Breazeale 18 1 0 S Eric Molina 26 4 0

heavyweight Deontay Wilder 38 0 0 S Bermane Stiverne 25 2 1

WBC World Heavyweight Title
super lightweight Sergey Lipinets 12 0 0 S Akihiro Kondo 29 6 1

vacant IBF World Super Lightweight Title
heavyweight Iago Kiladze 25 1 0 S Pedro Rodriguez 23 2 0

super bantamweight Amanda Serrano 33 1 1 S Marilyn Hernandez 26 10 0

cruiserweight Sean Monaghan 28 1 0 S Evert Bravo 23 6 1

featherweight Chris Colbert 6 0 0 S Titus Williams 7 0 0

heavyweight Lenroy Thomas 21 4 0 S Ed Fountain 12 2 0

heavyweight Efe Ajagba 2 0 0 S Rodney Hernandez 10 6 2

super flyweight Dylan Price 3 0 0 S Trevir Ballinger 0 2 0

lightweight Keyshawn Williams debut S Christian Sales debut
Wilder: I’ma end his life!

By TMZSports.com

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder says he’s literally gonna kill his opponent in the ring this weekend … guaranteeing victory by death when he rematches Bermane Stiverne at the Barclays Center. “Somebody will die in that ring come November 4, I promise,” Deontay said in an interview. “I beat him to an inch of his life the first time. This time, I’ma END his life.”
FYI, Stiverne’s the only guy Wilder couldn’t knock out in his career … so this time, Deontay wants to make sure he leaves the arena in a body bag. “I want a body on my record anyway. I wanna put a body there.”
Breazeale just stopped Molina in round 8. Suprised it wasn't televised as it is supposedly Wilder's next opponent.
Me too. You watching the Wilder undercard?

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