Shane Cameron Fight Night
Friday Night, starting at 7PM on Sky Sport 1.  Free.  Great card.
I wish I was in nz for this, hopefully I'll find a stream. Really looking forward to Brock/Jackson.
super welterweight Shay Brock 12 0 0 S Gunnar Jackson 26 10 3

cruiserweight Nikolas Charalampous 15 1 0 S Thomas Russell debut

super welterweight Bowyn Morgan 12 1 0 S Ben Nelson 2 4 0

cruiserweight Joshua Francis 0 1 0 S Nigel Elliott 1 2 0

middleweight Ruben Webster 5 0 0 S Simon Julian 3 2 0

cruiserweight Alistair Boyd 0 1 0 S Evander Tia 1 1 0

cruiserweight Panuve Helu 9 1 1 S Scott Taliauli 2 10 0

heavyweight David Light debut S Lui Te'o 2 6 0
Good fighters there, but I don't like the mis-matches. Nik the Greek fighting a guy debuting? Come on Shane.
I didn't get to see Jackson/Brock, was a draw a fair result?
(11-04-2017, 11:19 AM)craigyid14 Wrote: I didn't get to see Jackson/Brock, was a draw a fair result?

Nope, no way that was a draw. Gunnar by UD. Had him hurt towards the end. Only issue I had with Gunnar is that he doesn't punch his way inside; tends to lower his shoulder and punch sideways. Don't like Brock's game at all. Never seen a guy "push" a lead right hand. Had nothing on it. His left hook was ok, but Gunnar outlanded and outworked him. Bad decision. Two had it a draw, one judge had it for Brock. Nope.
Cheers die, yeah the general consensus from Facebook sees to say Jackson won, hopefully a rematch.

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