Parker vs Joshua, Instead of What's a fair split?
Surely Parker can't expect more than 33%, he holds one belt to AJs two.
The only leverage Parker has is the WBO belt, and Mr Higgins will leverage that for all it's worth. I like your idea of 33%, one third of the belts. Except, I don't care about an AJ/Parker fight. I want to see AJ/Wilder.
Joseph Parker camp to Anthony Joshua - let's make the next fight

Anthony Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn have some big decisions to make as a busy 2018 looms on the heavyweight boxing scene.

Joseph Parker's handlers have opened communication lines to Eddie Hearn about a heavyweight unification fight with Anthony Joshua, the division's king-pin.

Most of the sparring between Hearn and Duco Events boss David Higgins has been done in the media as the division has heated up over the last couple of months.

But Hearn confirmed he had received contact from Higgins as the next phase of the heavyweight scene gets set up following WBC champion Deontay Wilder's brutal one-round demolition of fellow American Bermane Stiverne in New York on Sunday.

That victory followed Joshua (WBA and IBF champion) and Parker (WBO belt holder) completing mandatory defences in recent weeks.

Hearn said unification was firmly on the mind of his fighter as he attended a fight night in Monte Carlo with former champion Tyson Fury who is also on Joshua's radar.

Wilder immediately called out Joshua after an embarrassingly one-sided affair with Stiverne ended after the third knockdown in as many minutes to take him to 39-0.

The pressure continues to build on Hearn to sort out a path forward in the fractured scene.

New Zealand heavyweight Joseph Parker has a WBO belt plenty of his rivals want.

"Joshua has told me we want all the belts and that means taking on all the champions," Hearn told Sky Sports as planning for next year begins in earnest.

"The gentleman over there sitting ringside, Tyson Fury, he's in the plans for 2018 as well.

"Joseph Parker as well. I had a text from his promoter tonight, asking if we fancy making that fight next. Everybody wants to fight Anthony Joshua and you will see him fight everybody."

Higgins said he was prepared to have Parker fight Joshua in March if Hearn came up with a respectable offer.

Hearn has questioned Parker's monetary value since the Kiwi's lack-lustre win over Hughie Fury in Manchester in September and suggested in the media he might only be worth 20 per cent of a Joshua purse.

Parker is starting a training camp in Auckland top keep him in shape in the leadup to Christmas and give him a launching pad for next year.

Duco continue to work on plans for Parker's next fight against the backdrop of a possible title fight with Joshua if the right terms can be agreed.

Team Parker are eager to slip in a couple of worthy voluntary defences to cash in on Parker's status.

But a big money offer from Hearn could change their course.

The general theory is that Joshua would rather fight Parker ahead of Wilder to build the hype for a trans-Atlantic clash.

Fury, meanwhile, is adamant he can return to win his belts if he can get his doping case sorted out in the UK. He has hopes of that being achieved in December and says he is serious about his latest attempted comeback.

He said regaining his fitness was a priority now, having stacked on huge weight during his two-year absence from the ring since beating Wladimir Klitschko to become lineal champion.

"There's a lot of heavyweights out there who can give me problems if I'm not 100 per cent," Fury told IFL TV.

"In order for me to regain my throne, I need to be 100% fit, motivated and have the drive to continue to get back the belts."

Fury maintained his innocence amidst doping allegations that have dogged him since 2015.

"I'm totally innocent, I've done nothing wrong," Fury said. "I've been everything, but the one thing I haven't been is a drugs cheat."

Fury is frustrated with the way the division has panned out in his absence.

"I'm willing to fight all the heavyweights out there. You've got men holding my belts they got out the dustbin. I'm the only man standing here today that has beaten a champion," Fury said.

"I'm on the comeback, I'm hungrier than I've ever been.

"I'll be the underdog. I've been doubted and doubted many times. But I'm still unbeaten, I'm still young ... the most important thing is getting the (doping) case out of the way, then we can talk turkey.

"But looking at the division, I have nothing to be afraid of at all. I will school AJ. He didn't play with the super champion (Klitschko) like I did in his own back yard."

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Boxing: Where does Joseph Parker fit into world heavyweight equation?

By: Patrick McKendry
Sports writer

Some things we know for sure after Deontay Wilder pummeled Bermane Stiverne into the Brooklyn canvas yesterday. The American punches hard (and straight, occasionally), and he wants to aim his twin cannons at Anthony Joshua. "No more dodging, no excuses," he said.

But when will that fight happen? And where does that leave Joseph Parker, the New Zealander in possession of the WBO world heavyweight title?

The short answer to the first question is - possibly in the middle of next year. Joshua, the IBF and WBA world heavyweight champion, will want to fight Wilder on home soil which means a big outdoor stadium in the middle of the United Kingdom summer - think Wembley Stadium in July or August.

Parker's promoter Eddie Hearn wants Joshua to fight three times next year and the first fight, possibly in February, could happen abroad - in the United States or even the Middle East (he knows he can't keep milking Joshua's British fans).

Hearn has mentioned Parker getting his opportunity then, but only through the media. No negotiations have been held with Parker's promoter David Higgins, apart from an email after the Kiwi's victory over Hughie Fury in Manchester which read: "Let's make the fight."

Money is the issue of course. Hearn denies offering Parker 20 per cent of a Joshua purse, but there is little doubt he is trying to lowball him, and in the meantime Higgins is lining up one or two voluntary defences in order to provide lucrative options for his man.

Higgins said today that he was doing "due diligence" on a "reasonable option" for Parker's next opponent, and that an announcement is imminent.

The major problem with Parker's position is that his profile is far lower than that of Joshua and Wilder, the WBC champion, and therefore any fight he is involved in will in theory generate less revenue.

Wilder's promoter Lou DiBella said: "Joe Parker - is that a defining fight? I don't know [but] it is a unification fight. But really, the fight that turns Deontay Wilder into the kind of star that he wants to be is Anthony Joshua."

Parker wants to fight either man and believes he has the tools to beat them. Certainly, his reputation should have been boosted after Carlos Takam, a man he beat by decision last year, recently took Joshua 10 rounds despite having little time to prepare, and there is no doubt Parker would put pressure on Wilder (the only way to beat him).

Joshua looked big and slow against Takam before stopping him in Cardiff with the help of referee Phil Edwards and while Wilder looked extremely impressive against Stiverne - winning with a first-round knockout - his Haiti-born opponent appeared catatonic on his way to the ring, a state he remained in once the first bell rang.

Wilder's jab found its mark from the start, but his best punch of the night was his straight right hand which put Stiverne on his back the first time.

Wilder v Joshua is the heavyweight fight the boxing world wants to see, and that demand could force Hearn and Joshua to do business with DiBella and Wilder, and the American's manager Al Haymon.

If not, Parker is poised to take advantage, but even as the owner of one of the four recognised world heavyweight belts, getting Hearn or DiBella to the negotiating table, and then making a deal, will not be straightforward.
80-20 is generous, Parker is holding the WBO belt hostage and shouldn’t be rewarded for it.
(11-07-2017, 11:01 AM)tm7 Wrote: 80-20 is generous, Parker is holding the WBO belt hostage and shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

What do you want him to do? He said he wants to fight AJ. Other than Wilder, he'll fight anyone else. Even trying to get a gig in Russia against Povetkin. That's more than AJ will do.
there's really no other fight that needs to be made other than AJ vs Wilder.

Wilder has called out AJ, and also said he will go anywhere. Eddie hearn has said wilder needs to fight Whyte before he fights AJ, that is a crock of shiet. he sounds like david higgins.

someone on here said that the public will start to get sick of AJ if he doesn't fight Wilder next.

I agree. Anyone but AJ/Wilder and the boxing pundits will see the fight as a joke. Not sure that Wilder said he'd go to the UK. He got very general when asked about specifically the UK. Remember, Wilder hasn't fought outside of Brooklyn and Alabama since he became champ. And, AJ hasn't fought outside the UK.
I think the main problem with the Wilder fight is that outside of boxing circles nobodies heard of Wilder here in the UK, for the money he'd be asking for and the ppv sales it would generate.... The British public would much rather see AJ/Haye or AJ/fat Fury. Would make much more money and be far easier for AJ. For the record, AJ slaughters limited Wilder anyway.
(11-07-2017, 11:30 AM)diehard Wrote:
(11-07-2017, 11:01 AM)tm7 Wrote: 80-20 is generous, Parker is holding the WBO belt hostage and shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

What do you want him to do? He said he wants to fight AJ. Other than Wilder, he'll fight anyone else. Even trying to get a gig in Russia against Povetkin. That's more than AJ will do.

Yes but that’s all just talk, in reality he was busy trying to set up a fight with Kyotaro Fujimoto.

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