Parker vs Joshua, Instead of What's a fair split?
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Fury: 'Weightlifter' Joshua got chinned by a 'little fat Bulgarian'

Tyson Fury wasted no time stirring the pot as the former heavyweight champion chatted to IFL TV for his latest Anthony Joshua bashing.

The 28 year-old, currently in training for a long-awaited return, spoke about a video released by Joseph Parker's team at Duco Boxing which showed clips of Joshua being hurt numerous times in his career.

"Eddie Hearn and Joshua see Joseph Parker as an easy victim, but like that clip showed – the little fat Bulgarian chinned him, bish, bash, wallop, and sat him down in the corner," Fury told IFL TV.

"He (Joshua) was a big weightlifter then too and that was a little fat man punching his head in for him. Can Parker beat him? Yes, he can. Parker is as tough as a brick and as game as a pebble and is young and ambitious with no expectations on him. Nobody expects Parker to beat Joshua – it's all about the weightlifter, let's go in there and blast a few out – bash, bash, bash.

"There are no expectations on young Joseph, he's a young man coming for a pay cheque isn't he, so he can't lose. It's a no-lose situation. If he loses to Joshua, 'oh, he was supposed to lose'. But if he wins he becomes legendary and then I'll have to come back and give him a boxing lesson, which I don't want to because he's my mate.

"Parker can beat Joshua, he can knock him out. Joshua's chin is dodgy. We know this for a fact.

"We’ve seen Klitschko drag him off the canvas, wobble him, shake him, rock him, the young Daniel (Dubois) 20 year-old is supposed to have knocked him out in sparring.

"I’ve heard plenty of knockout videos and plenty of knockout rumours, and dropped and all that, So we know he can be hurt and hit because we’ve seen it on TV. Klitschko’s done him, a man 40 odd year-old.

"This isn’t Muhammad Ali, this is a man built-up believing in his own hype and a man who is going to come crashing down to earth very, very soon," he added.

Fury is being linked to fights against Tony Bellew, David Price and Shannon Briggs for 2018 but still has a long way to go in regards to proving his fitness and cutting through several layers of red tape with the British Boxing Board of Control and UK Anti-Doping Agency.

A hearing next month will ultimately decide whether Fury will be able to return in the first half of next year.
Exclusive: David Higgins reveals current standing on Joshua v Parker agreement, talks venue

Duco boss David Higgins says a deal for a massive unification between Anthony Joshua and his champion Joseph Parker is getting closer as both sides continue negotiations.

Higgins made his position clear in a much-talked-about press conference last week and is holding out for a 65 percent split and not a penny less.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn has stated he wants further wiggle room from Higgins, although the New Zealander says adding a rematch clause after providing evidence of Joshua’s ‘weak chin’, should seal the deal.

“We are at 35% and they’ve sort of come up to 30% which means the ball is still in their court,” Higgins exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We’re not going to move from 35% so that’s where it sits,” he vehemently added.

During his media gathering, Higgins pointed out the several times Joshua had been rocked or put on the canvas during his career in a bid to highlight Parker’s worth as a fighter who has never been dropped.

Hearn took time out to berate the staging of the presser though, and Higgins believes the Matchroom head is just deflecting from the truth and ultimately protecting his star fighter.

“What’s been overlooked is Eddie Hearn criticizing our press conference but totally avoiding the point of it, which means what we are saying is true. Joshua has been flattened ten times and he knows it,” stated Higgins.

“Eddie and AJ have skilfully avoided even going near that topic. They sat down with their PR and played on the narrative that we did a crap press conference, whilst totally avoiding the two most important things, mainly that Joshua does have a dodgy chin and the other being this is a worldwide unification bout for which he gets 65-35 and a rematch clause.

“I must admit they were pretty good how they handled it, but if you have Joshua saying he wants a legacy unification fight and he turns down 65 percent of net profit - plus a rematch clause - I think that would be embarrassing. And to then take a voluntary after that.”

Asked for an update on a venue after citing Barcelona’s Camp Nou as an ideal stadium to host the clash, Higgins added:

“It’s such a big event - an intercontinental unification, probably the biggest since Lennox Lewis so I take the approach of any city in Europe. We should consider any venue that wants to host it – that’s the clever approach once we get to agreed terms.”

Quizzed on whether Cardiff could be the favourite, he stated: “Cardiff is definitely a possibility but it could have economic benefits to anyone who stages it.

“You’re talking about maybe tens of thousands of visitors over a couple of days and it would have huge benefits for Cardiff or anywhere else, so it’s certainly an option.

“Once we get to what’s fair and negotiable we are looking at an event in late March or early April,” he concluded.
Team Parker accuse Anthony Joshua of being 'all hot air' as unification talks reach stalemate

Anthony Joshua is maintaining a hard line over what he believes his share of a unification fight with Joseph Parker should be.

Joseph Parker's promoter has questioned Anthony Joshua's sincerity as negotiations for a heavyweight unification fight stall.

The deal is agonisingly close to being done but both camps are holding their ground over the final percentage splits required to get it across the line.

"No developments ... stalemate," was Duco Events boss David Higgins' reply to Stuff for a now daily update on developments.

Duco Events boss David Higgins is staunchly holding out for what he believes is a fair deal for his WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker.

Parker, the WBO champion, is willing to give Joshua, the WBA and IBF champion, 65 per cent of the profits and a rematch clause for a fight they are trying to arrange for next April in Europe.

But it seems Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn, still won't give up that big a slice of the pie and that has left Higgins sitting in New Zealand rather than rushing to London to sign off what would be a career-changing fight for the Kiwi outfit.

"As far as we're concerned, that's it for now. I won't be boarding a plane until we are closer," Higgins told Sky Sports in the UK on Wednesday (NZT), expressing his frustration at a lack of concession from the Joshua camp.

"As it stands, AJ is refusing to compromise and has drawn a line in the sand that we think is unreasonable. It's not worth me coming to London."

Higgins went on the attack against Joshua's claims that he wants to become the undisputed world champion while also trying to achieve a legacy in boxing the way Roger Federer had done in tennis.

"If Anthony says he wants to be the Roger Federer of boxing, can you imagine Roger Federer saying I want to win all the Grand Slams, but I won't play Wimbledon unless I get an extra three per cent?" Higgins told Sky Sports.

"Can you imagine Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis dodging unification because 65 per cent of profit is not enough?

"Joshua, if he wants to be taken seriously, and he wants to put himself in the same sentence as Ali or George Foreman or Federer, has to prove he's a man of his word, and to date he's all hot air. We're losing patience."

Joshua's handlers are finding it even harder to get a unification deal with WBC champion Deontay Wilder through the ropes.

American Wilder is adamant he is worth 50 per cent of the profits but Hearn strongly believes Joshua brings the bulk of the interest - and money - to the table.

Parker has a viable alternative in a trans-Tasman clash with rugged Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne that should prove a decent money-spinner and keep him busy for what must be an inevitable  unification fight at some stage.

- Stuff
Barry: We are close to reaching an agreement

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing
WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker’s proposed unification bout with WBA, IBF champion Anthony Joshua looks closer to happening according to Parker’s trainer Kevin Barry, who told RadioLIVE’s Sunday Sport fans can expect an official announcement in the next 7-10 days.
“We are very close to reaching an agreement and, like I said, we have made several concessions, because we want this fight,” Barry said. “We want Joseph’s body in the right shape to enter our biggest-ever training camp. Hopefully, in the next week to 10 days, we will be able to say it’s Anthony Joshua!”
pretty sure that the articles are in the wrong order Die.... latest was the Higgins stalemate article
Yeah, I agree. I think that Hearn is at 32% and Mr Higgins at 35%. If you split the difference, it's two thirds, one third, which are the amount of belts they have.
fight browne, Joshua doesnt want to fight
I think that KB and Parker really think they can beat AJ, and will blink first. 33.333333% does it for me. I'll let Mr Higgins know...

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