Parker vs Joshua, Instead of What's a fair split?
Parker Promoter: More People Contacted Us About Joshua's Chin

WBO champion Joseph Parker’s promoter, David Higgings of Duco Events, is shaking his head at the recent comments from Eddie Hearn, the promoter for WBA, IBO, IBF champion.
According to Higgins, Hearn's position of a 75-25 percent split of revenue in Joshua’s favour for a potential blockbuster unification bout in 2018 would be “undervaluing” Parker.
“We’ve said all along that a 35-65 percent was both fair - and our bottom line,” Higgins said. "Now it seems that Eddie is pretty close to agreeing with us. That’s very encouraging.”

Higgins held a press conference on Wednesday with the New Zealand press - where they showed a video with clips of Joshua being hurt in some of his fights and interview footage where numerous fighters claimed to have dropped Joshua in sparring or the amateurs.
The footage was part of Higgins' campaign that Joshua has a "glass chin."
He claims that more fighters have reached out to him, willing to provide additional proof of Joshua possessing a questionable chin.
“We’ve actually had another two more people contact us in the last 24 hours saying they have also footage of A.J. being flattened,” Higgins said.
“That brings the total to seven. We’re still looking into these latest claims, but they do seem credible. It’s no wonder Glass Jaw Joshua doesn’t want to take a chance on getting in the ring with Joseph Parker – a genuine world champion who has never been knocked down at any level in his life.”
Higgins reiterated that an offer of a £20,000 bounty for anyone who could produce evidence of Parker having been dropped at any time during his career - pros or amateurs or in sparring - still stood.
“We’ve put a sizeable bounty out there for anyone who can produce evidence that Joseph Parker has ever been knocked down, and we haven’t heard boo from anybody. That offer still stands, by the way,” Higgins said.
This fight might be happening after all, reports in the British media saying Parker is the number 1 choice for AJ himself. Maybe that 'dummy' Higgins has played this perfectly after all, we'll see.
Ah, it'll happen. They will meet in the middle. AJ and Parker want to fight. Now. A few percentage points either way is nothing between friends.
Anthony Joshua getting angered by Joseph Parker's taunting tactics video

Joseph Parker appears to be getting under the skin of Anthony Joshua as he looks to set up a heavyweight unification fight with the big Brit.

Parker's relentless Twitter attacks on Joshua, coming on top of his controversial video highlighting the WBA and IBF champion's "glass chin", appear to be working.

Parker wants to put his WBO belt on the line against Joshua in Britain early next year, and his constant hounding is proving fruitful.

Anthony Joshua hears the noise coming from Joseph Parker's camp but wants to see some action as unification talks continue.

Joshua is clearly getting agitated, accusing Parker and his Duco Events boss David Higgins of "acting" as he did a round of interviews in the UK on Wednesday (NZT).

"It seems like everyone's doing the talking for some people at the minute, so we're just trying to go direct to the source," Joshua, fresh off a holiday in Dubai, told PA Sport.

Joseph Parker and trainer Kevin Barry are already laying the foundations for the WBO heavyweight champion's next fight early next year.

"There's one thing talking about what's going on, and acting, but negotiations aren't done over social media. That's not where negotiations take place. Behind closed doors we're keeping negotiations going."

Parker's latest Twitter taunts include telling Joshua if he won't take 65 per cent of the purse it's obvious he doesn't want to fight and also that he is prepared to give the Brit a rematch clause to help get the fight across the line.

Parker has gained heavyweight support with former champion Tyson Fury agreeing about the claims over Joshua's suspect chin and publicly backing the Kiwi to win, a point that won't have been lost on Joshua.

Joshua wouldn't be drawn into where a fight with Parker might be held with London's O2 Arena appearing too small for the occasion but there are difficulties around a large outdoor stadium at that time of the year and Wembley Stadium, where he fought Wladimir Klitschko last year in late April, is complicated by EPL outfit Tottenham Hotspur using it.

"That's not my job. I work with professionals and put them in place to care for these types of things," Joshua said

"I would not get on the phone to call Harry [Kane], say 'What's happening, mate? Listen, we need a date. What are you renting it for? Yeah, we're looking to fit in 85,000' … do you know what I'm saying?

"I should be focusing on how I'm going to knock out my next opponent. I'll leave that to the people who I put in place: the professionals to take care of it. We're looking to fight early on in the year, to potentially fit in another two towards the middle and the end of the year."

Joshua said he had done an extensive review of his much-critcised last performance against Carlos Takam and felt comfortable with his 10th round TKO effort, especially as he fought for a long section of the fight with a broken nose after being head-butted.

"It was a great fight: a great learning fight. He was coming in low enough to pop up and head-butt me. It was a completely different style of fight but we adapted and got the job done. It was a mature performance on my behalf ... a calculated performance due to the anticipation of what's happening in 2018."

Meanwhile, Australian Lucas Browne, has spoken of his desire to get to Joshua.

Browne has a conditional contract to fight Parker in March but that will fall over if Parker and Joshua can sort out a unification deal.

Browne is being courted by Joshua's manager Eddie Hearn to fight his other heavyweight Dillian Whyte. That could be a ticket to fighting Joshua eventually.

"If Anthony fights Parker first, we want a shot at Anthony. Between the three of us, we will get our heads together," Browne's promoter Ricky Hatton told Sky Sports in the UK.

"We're confident because we have the contract but we're open to sitting down [with Parker's team and Joshua's team] to find an arrangement that suits all."

Hatton suggested Browne, who has been inactive, might even fight Whyte in February before taking on Parker if that's the wya the order worked.

"No disrespect but fighting Dillian before we fight Parker would be no bad thing," Hatton said.

"Big Lucas is up for either of those fights, but it depends on the best deal that we can strike.

"Lucas has been inactive and needs to get back into the thick of it."

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Good stuff lets hope it gets over the line.
This article is written by Joseph Parker and he states that he's wanted this fight for 2 years and he thinks it will happen.
(11-30-2017, 03:42 PM)MV877 Wrote: This article is written by Joseph Parker and he states that he's wanted this fight for 2 years and he thinks it will happen.
MV877 - what a great article by JP.

Thanks for posting it.

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