Parker vs Joshua, Instead of What's a fair split?
#11 much can Mr Higgins hold out for. If I were Mr Higgins, I'd fight guys that I wanted Joe to fight, like Kujimoto, Bellew, etc., and wait for the big money with AJ, and cash out. I think Parker is competitive with everyone not named AJ or Wilder. He's got so many holes in his game, and KB has got him going backwards with his skill level. I feel bad for Joe, cause he could be so much more. But not with KB.
With u on those points Die
I can't see Bellew winning lottery twice and beating Haye
I would like JP v Bellew but think Haye not a good match up for JP
I feel there should be $$ in a asia fight so do that asap and use as a keep busy fight then 1 more voluntary of substance b4 AJ
Anthony Joshua's chin very suspect - Duco Events boss David Higgins

Duco boss David Higgins has questioned Anthony Joshua's chin following the Brit's win over Frenchman Carlos Takam on Sunday.
Speaking to Andrew Gourdie and Jim Kayes on RadioLIVE, the boxing promoter revealed the heavyweight bout in Cardiff confirms what he has already known to be the case.

"Without naming names, some serious people in British boxing involved told me that they've got guys that have knocked Joshua over in sparring and so forth," Higgins says.

The fight's events have Higgins excited for when Joseph Parker finally does step into the ring with Joshua, and he believes the Kiwi has the upper hand in the durability department.

"Joseph's never been down, so if he's standing in front, each other trading, I think Joseph has a better chin.

"I don't think he's got a bad chin, but he's certainly more suspect than Joseph Parker.

"The fact that Joseph's never been down gives us confidence."

Parker's trainer, Kevin Barry, shares a similar sentiment and believes it is no secret Joshua has trouble taking shots.

"I know for a fact he's been down in sparring [at] a number of training camps, "Barry says.

"We like the fact that his chin is very suspect compared to Joseph Parker's chin.

"Joshua has come out and said different guys have dropped him in sparring with 18 ounce gloves on."

Barry also points out a number of other potential holes in the 28-year-old's game, and is not impressed with Joshua's 10th-round technical knockout win over Takam.

"Stoppage was very, very promoter friendly," Barry says.

"His stamina is still lacking. I think he looked very, very gassed towards the end of that fight.

"There wasn't great speed in his punches. In fact I thought he looked very robotic and I thought he looked very slow, and everything I saw made me really excited for when we do eventually get into the ring with this guy."
I don't think Joshuas chin is that suspect. I also don't believe that Joe has ever been cleanly hit by a proper punching unit like AJ

He does gas easily though, so there's that
Funny how on his worst night, putting in a lacksidasical, bored, plodding performance, joshua dominated a guy parker went life and death with
He has been caught couple times (whyte) and dropped (klit)
I also don't think that makes a suspect chin- Ali was dropped few times and his chin is legendary.
Heavyweights get hurt from time to time its how they respond and recover and you would have to give AJ tope score for that so far.
Fatigue is a leveller though but v Takam people also questioned JP's stamina, so maybe hitting Takams head takes abit of effort...
JP best chance v AJ would be to try and wear him out and fatiguing him.....but everyones got a plan until their punched in the face..(M Tyson)
I don't think AJ was lacksidasical or bored I reckon the broken nose really shook him and caused him to get flustered. He did regroup but was worried about Tkams head coming in.
I would say Holyfield would have enjoyed that fight, he would have destroyed AJ with butts
Takam DID hit him cleanly a number of times, just didn't have the power to trouble him. Or Parker. Parker beats AJ on the exchanges, where his chin holds up better than AJ's. If he wins...
What percentage fighters get has nothing to do with how good of a fighter they are, it’s 100% a popularity contest. Joshua is one of the biggest stars in sport and brings in huge gate and huge PPV buys, regardless of who he fights or where. Parker is known because he has a belt but has 1% of the pulling power $ wise. I’d suggest they’d be lucky to get 20%, which would also be by far his biggest payday.
70-30 is fair. I think 80-20/90-10 is what it should be if it was just commercial value, but Hearn will need to go higher because of the WBO belt. Any higher than 30 for Parker is too much and they would be pricing themselves out.

AJ looked decent against Takam. Controlled him like nobody has done before. Takam came in fantastic shape too. He was lighter than against Parker and Povetkin. Everything was solid without being spectacular. What did impress me was him coping with the broken nose from round 2. It's another experience that will only help Joshua in the future. The kid is tough. This talk about him being chinny or fragile is rubbish imo. Get Wilder and Parker in the ring with someone who can really punch then we can compare.

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