Klit KO's Pulev
Unparalleled but underappreciated, world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko looked more dominant than ever on Saturday in his Round 5 knockout win over previously undefeated contender Kubrat Pulev in Germany.

Klitschko floored the tough and determined Pulev twice in Round 1, each time toppling the square-chinned slugger to the canvas with an explosive left hook.

Frank Augstein/Associated Press/Associated Press
Pulev was no match for Klitschko.

Pulev was down again from the same punch in Round 3, this time after being wobbled seconds earlier by Klitschko’s patented straight right.

After Pulev landed a few punches of his own in the next two rounds, Klitschko stepped in and ended things with perhaps the prettiest left hook he’s ever thrown. Pulev went down for the count quickly, landing straight onto his back, barely able to move as referee Tony Weeks counted to 10.

The win was Klitschko’s 17th straight heavyweight title defense, third-longest in the history of the division behind Joe Louis’ 25 and Larry Holmes’ 20.

Unlike some of Klitschko’s other performances, such as his clinch-filled victory over Alexander Povetkin last year, the Pulev win had U.S.-based boxing writers salivating over him.
Would like to see Klitschko and Wilder take place
ThePaulz - It is going to be Klitschko/Stiverne. Wilder can fight the loser from Tyson Fury/Derrick Chisora.
Just don't think Stiverne will be able to do anything against Vlad, after watching Pulev's fight Vlad just seemed to struggle with the jab we so use to seeing, maybe it was the height, but he seemed to be pushing with both his hands. He did get some jabs through but not as much affect as previous fights. I would rather see Wilder and Vlad and see the battle of the right hands?
Kubrat Pulev: The loss was my mistake

By Ognian Georgiev / Bulgaria Today

Heavyweight Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev (20-1, 11 KOs) returned to Bulgaria after his fifth round KO loss from Wladimir Klitschko (63-3, 53 KOs) in Hamburg on November 15. Few days after the defeat, the former title challenger spoke in front of national media. The briefing was broadcast live by two television networks and gathered more than 50 journalists. Here is what Pulev said on the most important topics:

On the loss:

The reason is probably the lack of experience. Now I earned much, which will be needed in the future. There were some speculations about my injuries and fractures. As you may see, there aren’t such on my face. Otherwise I must be Batman or Superman to recover so fast.

The conclusions of the fight will be made for a long time ahead. The first feeling is the most true one. I made a mistake because my defense wasn’t on the required level. I didn’t show what we trained for. A super fighter was against me. He is the number one in the division. I was well trained and it was tough for him.

My biggest fault was letting his left hook connect. It’s a hole in my game for many years. Wladimir strikes perfectly with the left hook. I knew he didn’t attack with many punches. He’s got three weapons – left jab, left-right and left hook. My left jab is better than his. I proved it in the first round when I stunned him. The clinches were trained for by me as you saw.

On the knockout:

I’ve never been knocked out in my life. I was thinking that my head is very hard and may sustain punches. Klitschko’s punches were sharp and precise. I had received stronger ones. As you see after the knockdowns, I stood up in a seconds. It’s proof that I can sustain some hard blows.

On the tactics:

My plan was to go forward. Maybe I could be more aggressive in the third and fourth round. I didn’t do that. They told me a few hours before the match that the ring will be smaller and softer. We tricked them, because we showed that I will fight more with my feet, but in fact we trained an aggressive game plan.

The respect for Klitschko:

The respect is very important. I congratulate Wladimir Klitschko, but he didn’t earn my respect after so many dirty tricks before the match. He beat me with some luck and with my mistake. But as they said the luck is with the stronger. Klitschko’s team pressed us. They used a thousand dirty tricks. It was a personal insult.

On the future:

Right now it’s time for some rest period. I’ve been an entire year on training camps and couldn’t give some attention to my relatives. We will see about the future.

On the doping allegations:

If I had beat him, the doping wouldn’t be a matter. Now I am sued by Klitschko. This is one of the things why I don’t respect him. I gave so many doping samples and was clean. Klitschko’s lawyer came to the training gym before the match. He told me that I couldn’t speak about doping. I am ready to go to court.

On the missed opportunity:

I am very mad. I knew I could win the fight. The mistake was mine. It’s like a chess game, when you gave as a gift some piece. Maybe this is the fate and the reason is to improve as a boxer. We continue forward. Klitschko couldn’t break me down. I know that I have bright future. Now I am stronger.
And dam what a left hook that was... number 1 KO for 2014 I believe and rightly so.

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