Parker vs Pettaway
Klitschko opportunity has Joseph Parker pumped to pummel Pettaway


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FACE OFF: Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker, left, squares up to American Jason Pettaway during a press conference ahead of their heavyweight bout in Auckland in March.

Rising New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker says his training date with world champion Wladimir Klitschko is motivating him to be at his best for his next fight.
The 22-year-old will attend Klitschko's April camp in Austria as a sparring partner – an opportunity he describes as "awesome".
But first he fights American journeyman Jason Pettaway in South Auckland on March 5, the start of a planned five-fight year his backers Duco hope will move Parker into the top five.
Unbeaten Parker certainly doesn't want to arrive at Klitschko's HQ suffering his first loss.
Parker heads to Las Vegas on Thursday, fresh off a decent break in Samoa following a year that took him to No 10 with the WBA and No 12 with the WBO. He's fired up to make the most of the opportunities that continue to fall his way.
"The Klitschko camp is definitely motivation for me," Parker said today in Auckland where he got to meet Pettaway who is on a quick media tour of the country.
"Just getting the welcome to the camp is a great opportunity. But I know if I can't beat Jason then I'll definitely have trouble with Klitschko big time.
"So I'm just trying my best to get past this challenge and then looking at going over and sparring Klitschko who is the best in the world. You can't get any better than that.
"Having that in the background is going to help push my training even harder. I'll be focused as soon as I get back to Vegas. I've got seven weeks to prepare. I'm really fired up to get back into my training now. I'm ready."
Parker said meeting Klitschko when he fought on the champion's undercard in Germany last April was a highlight, but getting in a ring with him and observing his routines would be invaluable.

"Just getting the respect from the champ asking you to come and be one of his sparring partners is awesome," Parker said.
"Watching how he operates and trains, that's going to be a whole different level for me. He has dominated for 10 years and in that time I've always looked up to him as 'the man'.
"It's going to be an exciting time … putting yourself against the champ and seeing where you are at in the sport."
The details of Parker's stay in Austria are limited at this stage, but a few rounds with Klitschko shape as an ideal barometer for an ambitious fighter.
Still, Parker believes there will be plenty to learn and overcome in this next fight against Pettaway.
The 34-year-old has a solid pro record of 17 wins and one loss after an extensive amateur background.
He's noted for his movement, producing a hit and run style that can frustrate opponents.
"From what I've seen of him, this a is a real good challenge," Parker says of Pettaway who certainly has size and looked to be in good shape today.
"He brings different challengers than my last opponents and I'm excited about that. I see him as a bit like Brazil's Marcelo Nascimento who I beat in Germany.  I had a bit of trouble cutting off the ring, I missed with a lot of shots I shouldn't have missed with.
"Jason is a very technical fighter, there are going to be a lot of different angles and movements."
Pettaway said fighting Parker in New Zealand looms as a real challenge. All of his wins have come in his native West Virginia with his one loss to Russian Magomed Adbusalamov happening at Madison Square Garden in New York.
"It's an honour to be here," the soft spoken American said.
"But I've come to win and take those belts back with me. It's a great opportunity for me, a great moment. I'm coming off a busy year … this is a good time for me."
He acknowledged Parker's speed and skills but detected weaknesses, particularly the Kiwi's habit of dropping his hands.
"I've looked at a lot of Joseph's fights and that's given me things to work on.
"I feel like I'll be able to distribute my punches in a way he won't be able to hit me."
Lets hope we get some footage of Parker and Wlad together having a go at each other with the gloves.
Pettaway vs Abdusalamov
I dont know why but you do get the impression that Duco Events and team Parker couldnt get the boxer they wanted for March and that Pettaway might of been plan B or even C. I suppose the most important thing is that they keep Parker busy and fit. Other than fighting Browne, Meehan or Leapai he will have to leave Australasia to fight recognised fighters...lets he honest Pettaway brings no attraction or attention from the boxing world but Parkers 22 and still developing so hes in no need to rush. It would be more beneficial if he fought in the American or European circuit to gain recognition and hype but I suppose Duco Events would lose a large amount of $$ WHEN that day comes and would try to keep all his fights here as long as they can milk it.
Personally I reckon this guy was plan A.
Is the Burger King 4 fight sponsorship and things like special deal with Invercargill for the third fight somehow covering Duco's costs while they get Parker these "skill development fights", as opposed to "big risk fights" ? Even the opening articles have a somewhat apologetic tone...

They're clearly not going to get the usual PPV numbers for this sort of fight, are they?
Another thought, he could be using this fight for preparation to spar Wlad.
I think it's all more basic than that. Pettaway has a good record, is willing to take what is on offer $$$, willing to come on over, is available, and having a style that KB would like is a bonus.
But do you think that Duco can sell it though??
(01-07-2015, 10:05 AM)Cosmic Drop Wrote: Another thought, he could be using this fight for preparation to spar Wlad.

Hehe. That's pretty funny..

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