SBW vs Chauncey
He's screwed. Yes, my weight is high but I'm training as if my life depended on it. A win here opens some doors that enhance my chance of getting a bigger fight in the region. At this level, I can do this. I won't show up build great but I'll look/be much better than I was vs. Ustinov & Browne.
Good luck, I reckon if you was to beat SBW you'd get Joseph Parker in New Zealand later this summer.
I have overlooked the weight thing long ago when it comes to you Chauncey. You have some skills that i have seen and appreciated whenever Ive seen you fight. Fitness is king in this game,as you well know, and at a certain level it doesnt matter how fat, or how old, or how much experience you simply have to do more than the other guy. In Aussie you have to do quite a bit more than end the fight on your feet.
I dont expect to see you stop SBW.....ever. But a well placed body shot could prove me very wrong :-) It might just do the trick, because if you time it right you never know how someone will take it.

In most peoples eyes, you are a just tuneup fight Chauncey. You have to bring something to the table that no one has ever really seen from you before. You have to fight like the other guy stole your lunch. Anything less will mean a loss at the end of the fight. He is a just baby in the sport......take him to school. Make him work.
Chauncy, you were having a good run, but then "The Tank" came along.  You should have retired after that fight.  Your heart and head were not in it fighting Browne and Ustinov, and you were out of shape (for you) and took both fights on short notice.  Still, you ended up on your feet.  I think your strategy from now on is to take on the SBW types in countries where they think their fighter is something special. 

Better be careful in OZ.  Fixed fights, funny ending to fights, hype.  Better cross your t's and dot your i's in OZ.  I don't see you beating SBW to be honest.  I just think he'll be too athletic, fast, and throw too many punches for you to win.  Still, you are one of my favourite fighters, and Stormy's right, body shots could do it.  Prove me wrong, chauncy, take it to him!
Today I will give Chauncey a win over Botha so in perspective one would say Chauncey is a tougher opponent than Botha....maybe and if so...just, so I wouldn't mind putting a cheeky $5 on Chauncey to win head to head against SBW.
Chauncy is a MUCH better opponent than Botha. Don't know what the odds are, but I rate it an even fight.
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Defiinately a winnable fight for Chauncey I reckon, he'll need to come in fit enough to do what he wants to do in the ring....and take his rests less than 50% of the time. I read the interview where Cooper spoke about SBW's mindset after the Botha fight... Very telling, terrible matchup from his team if u ask me, especially if he needs a confidence boost..
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You do get the impression after the controversial Botha felt like it was back to the drawing board for team SBW regarless that he had won.

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